ECG Film Festival 2019

On June 6-10, 2019, the Eurasian Creative Guild launches the first festival of Eurasian films, the ECG Film Festival, which will be held as part of the Romford Film Festival in London.

ECG Film Festival is a platform to promote Eurasian region cinema, bringing it to the English-speaking world!

The Festival will introduce those in the Eurasian film industry to film professionals from all over the world. Acquainting the world with films personifying Eurasian countries and their peoples. Thus opening the doors for collaboration opportunities, joint development and growth.

The western market of cinema is ready to accept the Eurasian market as professionals from all regions of Eurasia are in demand more than ever. Hundreds of talented directors, producers, actors, directors, animators and screenwriters are ready to enter the world market and show what they are capable of.

Film festival in London as a platform was not chosen by chance, as many world film studios use the UK for filming and editing world-class blockbusters.

The Romford Film Festival is a stable, well-established festival attended by a large number of film professionals and residents of London. This association is the surest solution for attracting the maximum amount of attention from the press, viewers and film professionals to Eurasian cinema.

The festival will feature such works as feature films, short films, animated films, documentaries, book trailers, and best screenplay.

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DATE: 6-10 June 2019

VENUE: Premiere Cinemas

ADDRESS: Mercury Shopping Centre, Mercury Gardens, Romford RM1 3EE