Academic Book Series ECG – 2018: Share your work with the scientific elite of the world!

The publishing house “Cambridge International Press” takes the example of the oldest educational institutions all over the world. Cambridge International Press puts quality and professionalism above all else. The main specialisation of the publishing house is the publication of educational works, textbooks and academic books. This year, the British company announced their new project together with the Eurasian Creative Guild –  the academic book series of the ECG.

The Academic book series of the ECG opens the door for authors, specializing in all scientific fields.  A publication of your work in the series is a significant step towards collaboration with the international scientific Assembly. You have a unique opportunity to learn how relevant your work is to the world of the reader. One of the goals for the British publisher will be to popularize your educational work around the world.

Your essay will be printed in the world’s capital, London, with the support of a team of professionals who are published writers, such as Orazaly Sabden (Kazakhstan), Robert White (UK), Yury Sigov (USA), Gerold Berger (Kazakhstan), Salima Kunanbayeva (Kazakhstan), Marinika Babanazarova (Uzbekistan), Fahridin Vaisali (Azerbaijan) and many others. Authors also have the opportunity to present their work in the world’s leading universities (including Cambridge University in the framework of their annual conference) and speak to future scientists, politicians and researchers international organisations.

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