New Year’s Eve meeting of the Eurasian Creative Guild in Moscow

On December 23 in Moscow, The New Year’s Eve meeting of the Eurasian Creative Guild took place in the Temple of Candlemas of the Virgin at Saltykov Bridge.

At the meeting, the ceremony of granting winners with the competition Open Eurasia — 2018 was held:

The certificate of the winner in category “Prose” was handed to Lina Dee;

Arina Chunayeva became the winner of an award of Maria Shevel for the best children’s work;

The first place in category “Illustration” was received by Agatho Boke.

Also, certificates of finalists were received:

Marina Solovyova in the category “Translation”;

Tatiana Moroz in the category “Short Stories”;

Helen Borodina in the category “Translation”.

At November 2018, during the Advisory Board of 2019 at which   Artem Dudnikov was assigned as a representative of Guild from Moscow, then he was handed with the certificate of an ambassador of Guild.

Artem Dudnikov representative of the Eurasian Creative Guild in Moscow

During this meeting, 3 more new liverymen joined us. We express huge gratitude and we hope that will be effective cooperation.

Liverymen in Moscow became:

Nikolaeva Anna

Volkova Arina

Maslov Alexey

And, of course, the evening was full of new acquaintances and creative performances. We want to thank all who spent time with us. The year 2018 was full of interesting events and fruitful meetings. Let’s try to make 2019 even more saturated and interesting.

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