Alibek Askarov

Country: Kazakhstan

Field of activity: Writer

Alibek ASKAR, writer, born 1951 in Eastern Kazakhstan.
He graduated from art College, faculty of journalism of the Kazakh State University (Almaty).
He served in the Army. Worked in various national publications artist correspondent.
In 1986 was appointed the chief editor of the state publishing house «Art».
Since 1993 – Deputy, then first Deputy Minister of press, 1998 Director of the Department of publishing and printing.
Since 2005 overborne in the Administration of the President of Kazakhstan.
Since 2014 — General Director of the National library of the RK (Almaty).
In 2016, the General Director of National state book chamber of the RK (Almaty)
The author of over thirty books of prose, including the six-volume Selected works. Novel, novels and stories the writer came out in separate editions in Beijing (two books), in Minsk and in Baku.
A new collection of works being prepared for publication in Moscow in publishing house «fiction» in the translation of the famous writer, academician of the Academy of Russian literature G. V. Pryakhin.
A. Askar, honored worker of Kazakhstan, laureate of the State prize of the country. Awarded the order «Parasat», and many medals.