Anastasia’s Art of Life is a Community Interest Company

Страна/Country : Великобритания / UK

Our focus is to encourage in communities:

Tolerance respect, integration, diversity, social and personal wellbeing, learn cultural values and differences through any forms of art and creativity. We building platform for anyone hues wish to express thy values in a multicultural society.

We open talks and discussions of community issues, promote the importance of inclusivity and multicultural communication.

Bring together individuals, businesses and organisations from different backgrounds, and organise activities and celebrations for the local community to educate people on how to embrace diversity and harmony between cultures.

Our mission is to bring people together, allow appreciating the richness of each other’s culture and also to appreciate differences.

Project is creating together with numerous communities and local organisations. 

Wellbeing is a big topic for individuals, business and communities. This times we will look into particular Mental health in minority communities and thy approach. Will be discussions and real-life stories. We wish to open the platform to offer opportunities to have a place to shear information, teach and learn from individuals, organisations, business and services to make difference in communities and society.

The platform will bring in one place organisation, businesses, individuals hues willing to share information, methods, and techniques to improve our personal, family and business lives and to improve multicultural society’s understanding between cultural disconnection and conflicts. Will be a great place to hear community perspectives and worries, make dialogue between communities.

Anastasia Fox 

Survivor of severe child abuse in her’s childhood
Founder of ” Communities Art of Life”
NLP Master practitioner,
Public speaker,
Well-being Mentor / Coach,
Served to NHS High-security hospitals as a therapist
Farmer Olympic athlete – the Moscow Olympic Game 1980

As a former Olympian, I have a deep understanding of the discipline, as well as experiencing and applying the importance of respect and integration of mankind. I will never forget the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games finals closing ceremony, where I saw and experienced thousands of people in the arena from all over the world as well as millions of viewers watching from their Television.
This feeling of union ship will always remain inside me as this has now become my passion and desire in working hard to create peaceful and united communities living together in support of one another without hate, ignorance, and most importantly working towards reducing knife crime.
Just as from my former world of Olympics where everybody has the same emotions and feelings, no matter of background, skin colour, country or the origin.
Over the years I have done a lot of travelling around the world, living in countries with a completely different political system, lifestyles, cultures, beliefs, and religions. This experience gives me a clear indication that every culture has the knowledge, experience, and expertise of life to live in their unique ways based on their culture and heritage.
We should embrace one another and educate ourselves to be more understanding and respectful of our communities and the people we live amongst as a unity. If united, we stand the stronger we will be as a society.