Hamid Larbi

Country: France

Hamid Larbi is a journalist and poet, born in Algiers,  who currently lives at Montpellier. He is the author of various essays and poetry collections translated into Spanish, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Arabic and Serbian languages. His poetry mostly originates from the depth of the human soul that evolves into lyrical realism. In 1995, he received the journalism award from the Press Circle of Milan for Giornalistàesterain Milan, Italy. In October 2019, he won the Silver Medal at the International Festival of Literature (LIFFT) in Baku (Azerbaijan). In January 2018, he was awarded the International Poetry Contest, Concours International de Poésie,  « L’amour de la liberté » from the European Academy of Science, Arts and Letters (EASAL) in France. He also received the commemorative medal of TarasChevchenko and was elected as a member of the academy as well. Member of the Movimieto Poetas del Mundo. He has also participated in various poetry festivals worldwide.