TOP-25 Works of Art of Eurasia – 2021

“TOP-25 Works of Art of Eurasia – 2021″ is a reset of the project of 2020 for artists, sculptors, photographers, illustrators, graphic designers and other representatives of the sphere of visual arts.

If you have long wanted to promote your work internationally, this is a unique chance that cannot be missed!

We invite your participation if you:

  • create works in any field of visual arts (painting, graphics, photography, crafts, street art, illustration/comic strip, advertising poster, sculpture, CG);
  • are a professional association (one of the directions of visual arts) interested in promoting the works of its members

There are only a few requirments you will need to join this international Road Show (May 27 – October 6, 2021, start and finish in London) through 15 cities:

  1. Evidence of active membership in the Eurasian Creative Guild (London). If you are not a member of the Guild, you can register on the Guild website.
  2. Your creative vision, peculiar style, unwavering faith in your talent and the presence of 1-3 works to contribute.
  3. Completion of the participant’s application and submission of materials (e-mail address for works is indicated in the application form), which will be considered by the jury formed by the Expert Council on Fine Arts. We will colect your applications till May 1, 2021.
  4. Approval of your work by members of the jury (maximum 25 works-finalists, not more than 1 work from the author). The List of the Finalists will be published on May 15, 2021.

Photo Requirements:

  • format: JPG, PNG;
  • without blur, clear;
  • without the use of filters and other digital image processing means;
  • original size (physical size of the object WITHOUT frame/stand and other accessories): not less than 210×297 mm for planar works (including size of digital canvas for CG), not less than 50 mm for the smallest of measurements for volumetric works;
  • photo resolution: 300 dpi;
  • photo title design: author, work name, style, material, technique (example:John Dou_Freedom_sculpture_polymer clay _ manual molding.jpg);
  • up to three works can be submitted.

Participation is FREE. If you enter the rating, the finalist selects the bonus package him/herself (the selection of one of the packages is mandatory, the Basic package is automatically assigned).

The work with the most points automatically gets a free spot on the Road Show.

Participation packages in TOP-25 in 2021


The participants of this project will not only demonstrate their creativity to the world, but will also be able to go with us on an art tour along the Road Show route (the costs are paid by the participants independently). You can decide for yourself which part of our route you want to join. What we offer:

– * the opportunity to pay £250 of the cost of the Diamond package with paintings painted as part of an art tour (plein air);

– the opportunity to get free exhibition place (by completing task of the organizing committee)

– the opportunity to personally get acquainted with creative and talented members of the Guild in the cities of exhibitions, to find partners for projects and collaborations, as well as like-minded people and friends;

– the opportunity to see unique places and amazing people within the framework of the plenaries prepared by your colleagues living in these locations (and they know the secret beauty of their native places!);

– the opportunity to work in a unique creative atmosphere, to be inspired by new ideas and images.

Applications will be accepted until 1st of May 2021.