“Open Eurasia Literature Festival & Book Forum” — an annual international contest, festival and forum, which unites poets, writers, artists, directors along with anyone else, who considers themselves to be creative from the Eurasia region and all over the world. Contest  OEBF is held within frameworks of the festival since 2012. Contest is organized in partnership with “Hertfordshire Press” publishing house, built on the principle of openness and interplay of all arts on the basis of literature.

OCA MAGAZINE is a quarterly not-for-profit magazine, published in London since 2009, which connects and highlights the links between Europe and the Eurasian region. It promotes the cultures, politics, events and communities of both regions and opens a discussion and exchange of ideas between them to promote both business co-operation and tourist and cultural relations. The magazine is for everyone interested in the region and also for natives from Central Eurasia who currently live in
Europe. Magazine actively popularizes events taking place in the countries of Eurasian region and comes to be an only journal in Great Britain, which familiarizes Eurasian Economic Community and CIS countries to English-speaking world. Audience of printed and online versions’ of magazine reaches 50000 readers around the world.

unnamedBook Series ECG

You can create your own personal book within the book series «Eurasian Creative Guild (London).» The work will be published in the British capital, the home of many world famous writers, including William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Charlotte Bronte, Rudyard Kipling, Agatha Christie and JK Rowling. Your book will become a part of the history of mankind. It will receive its very own ISBN and the book will be given to the second library in the world — the British Library and the Legal Deposit.

The book series, by Eurasian Creative Guild, will be placed not only on the largest popular shopping web site — Amazon, where tens of thousands of items are bought and sold every day – but also in online stores in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, Great Britain and America.



International Festival “Open Central Asia International Arts Festival” includes art exhibitions, literary readings, musical performances and theatre plays. Festival has an impact on many aspects of public’s  cultural, economic, educational and social life.
Theatre groups of Uzbekistan, Sweden, USA, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Great Britain and China.

The annual collection of the “100 OUTSTANDING PEOPLE OF EURASIA” is a project, together with the publishing house Cambridge International Press.

The publication seeks to enlighten, promote and recognize the region’s great people and their invaluable work. Chosen by an advisory panel from outside Eurasia, assembled for their breadth and depth of Eurasia experiences and knowledge, ”The 100 Outstanding People of Eurasia” will provide the first peer-assessed evaluation of the contribution of these great men and women, both historical and current.