“The Great Steppe Treasury” Art Catalogue

Introduce your work in 10 of London’s leading art galleries.

The art catalog “The Great Steppe Treasury” is a special project of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) and the prestigious British publishing house Hertfordshire Press (UK), designed specifically for visual artists.

Today, when the world is focused mainly on visual content, the visual arts are coming to the fore. However, the modern artist has to live in conditions of fierce competition. And this is where the opportunity to show your work in one of the three world capitals of art – London, New York or Los Angeles – becomes a huge advantage.

Therefore, we are happy to give members of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) not only a unique opportunity to publish their paintings in an art catalog that will be published in London, but also to distribute the published catalog to 10 leading art galleries in London!

What works can be included in the catalog:

  • paintings in traditional techniques (painting, graphics), as well as digital paintings;
  • illustrations (traditional and digital);
  • collages (traditional and digital);
  • artistic photography;
  • unique reportage shooting;
  • fashion photography;
  • fashion illustration;
  • sculpture;
  • costumes and accessories (photos of finished products);
  • jewelry;
  • objects of decorative and applied arts and crafts.

The catalogue format:

  • Hard cover (yes, so cool!);
  • Full color printing;
  • Edition size 300×300 mm


General terms:

  • applications are accepted until November 1, 2022
  • current membership in the ECG (London) is mandatory at the time of application, publication and distribution of the catalog
  • the maximum possible volume of an application from one author is no more than 3 works (one spread);
  • For current members of the Guild (except for the membership category Competitor) a discount of 25% is provided. For members of the Expert Council of the Guild of Poetry and Fine Arts, a 40% discount is provided. Join the Expert Council >>> (only for members of the Guild)
  • Each author, whose works are be published in the catalog, is guaranteed to receive an electronic copy of the publication. The cost of the printed edition of the almanac will be £35. There is a 25% discount for current members of the Guild.


What do you get when placing works in the catalog?

  • An electronic copy of the catalog;
  • Electronic certificate of the project participant;
  • We will send copies of the catalog to 10 of London’s leading art galleries before Christmas (when it’s time for miracles);
  • All publications of Hertfordshire Press are provided to the second largest book depository in the world – the British Library, and to the Legal Deposit (repository of copyright copies).

Additionally, you can buy printed copies of the catalog for personal use or order an additional mailing list in art galleries in London and New York, as well as other cities, marketing copies of the catalog for this mailing list are purchased additionally. You can also order a printed copy of the project participant certificate.

Please note that postage for sending you additional copies or additional marketing copies, and for sending you a printed certificate, will be charged according to the rules set out here.

Requirements for photographic materials for publication:

  • photos of works are accepted for placement (image format JPG\PNG, resolution not less than 300 dots per inch (dpi)), without blurring, distortion or cropping. The file must be named correctly (otherwise it may be lost): author, title of work, style, material, technique (example: Ivanov II_Zhuravli_sculpture_polymer clay_hand molding.jpg)
  • the cost of the right to publish the work in the catalog (posting the work, NOT purchasing a copy of the catalog) is £35 per page;
  • the description of the work must contain basic data (author, title, materials (canvas, oil, watercolor, paper, etc.), date or period of writing, size of the original, as well as a literary description of the work in English up to 100 words, translation can be ordered, paid separately).

Disclaimer: the executive committee has the right to reject submitted works if:

  • they contain direct elements of pornography or physical violence;
  • they are aimed at inciting interracial/national/religious/any other hatred, contain calls for terrorism and violence
  • works do not meet technical requirements
  • the works do not correspond to the professional level and are exclusively amateur works (members of the Visual Arts Expert Council may be involved to assess the level of professionalism)

How to take part in the project?

Please fill out the form and the project manager will contact you.

Do you have any questions? Contact Taina Kaunis, Managing Director of ECG (London).


WhatsApp +44 7926 221564