The ECG HORIZONS Creative Residence

– Culture is what people PRACTICE,

NOT what they believe. –

I. A. Rehman

Welcome to the first creative Residence!

The Eurasian Creative Guild (London) launches its own creative residence “ECG Horizons” in the Borovoe resort area in Kazakhstan.

Who’s this residence for?

ECG Horizons is a unique space for writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers and other creative people. It includes a showroom and a coworking area, a library, a music corner and an art gallery. So anyone who wants to share their work with colleagues and audiences can use this space as a platform.

TOP-5 reasons to try:

1. Unique national culture and exotiс soul

Folk music, traditional patterns, centuries-old traditions, shamans, Cossacks, Crimean baths and other things bring inspiration and open new horizons, immersing in an authentic world full of magic and mysteries.

2. Magnificent nature

The creative residence is located in the picturesque resort zone of Kazakhstan, in Borovoe/Shchuchinsk. Nature has always been (and still it is) the main inspiration for creative people, so that’s why we chose Borovoe. Tourists and travelers will be able to discover stunning views in the vicinity of Shchuchinsk thanks to forests, mountains, lakes and rivers.

3. Historical heritage

Countless cultural and historical monuments dedicated to the famous rulers and philosophers of Central Asia tell the long and colorful history of the Burabay region and Kazakhstan.

4. Creative Community

You will not be left without the support of local poets, writers, musicians and artists. Local Members of the ECG (London) will definitely support you and will be able to share both useful experiences and life hacks of creative life (for example, where it is best paints to buy).

5. Healing properties

Pine forest air, health walks, lakes and medical boarding houses will help you not only gain inspiration, but also raise the tone of life for new achievements!

How to get to the residence?

The selection of candidates who will be able to work* on the venue of the residence and introduce their work to experts and potential investors will be held twice a year – in mid-May for the ECG (London) members and in September for other representatives of the creative industries (open call).

* We do not pay for transfers and accommodation, participants book the place to stay on their own, only work areas are provided in the residence.

– The maximum size of groups will be up to 10 people.

– The working period is 21-45 days for participants from CIS and Central Asia, and 10-30 days for participants from other countries.

– Kit programs will be published separately.

To join the group of the lucky ones, you need to email us via In the letter you need to send us brief info about what your field of activities is, and why we should choose you.


For all questions, you can contact the ECG (London) Executive Director Taina Kaunis via WhatsApp/Telegram/Viber + 44 7926,221564,