The ECG Saturday Zoom meetings

Over the past months, the lifestyle of each of us has changed, which temporarily deprived us of the opportunity to hold creative meetings in real life. But the Eurasian Creative Guild doesn’t give up – we found a solution to bring creative people together. At this difficult time for all of us we need to support each other so every week we have an online ECG meeting in Zoom.

The new project allows everyone to speak, share their projects, meet new creative people and make new friends! Every Saturday, at 14:00 Moscow time, we hold online meetings in Zoom on various topics. 

To join the meeting, you need to click here, the conference access code is 574202.
If you don’t have Zoom installed, you need to:
1. Download and install the Zoom application by clicking on the link;
2. Start the application;
3. In the opened window press the button “Enter the conference”;
4. In the Conference ID field, enter the conference number “497 761 5151.”
5. Next: enter code – 574202
6. Click Enter the Conference
7. Enjoy and benefit from the meeting!



The end of the year is coming, the soul already wants holidays and… money! For many creative people whose lives are entirely devoted to art, the theme of money is often painful for a million reasons.  Familiarly?
Therefore, especially for members of the Guild, the Business Coaching Expert Council will hold a zoom meeting on the intriguing topic of the financial side of creative life. Join us!


The Expert Council on Poetry invites everyone in whose heart is heated by the lines “My friends’ fine features will appear and dissolve again”. You can take part in our creative meeting and act as a poet or reader in an open microphone.

Date: 14/11/2020

Language: RU

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Date: 07/11/2020

Language: RU

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The Eurasian Creative Guild sincerely thanks all authors for their creativity, wonderful works, professionalism, and initiative, for the fact that in this difficult period, they found the strength and opportunity to give a part of their souls to our readers! On November 7, 2020, at 14.00 Moscow time, the Zoom meeting of the Guild “The Thread. Volume 4″, where we want to present the fourth issue of our annual almanac, ” The Thread”.

Date: 31/10/2020

Language: RU

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If you’ve wanted to learn all about how to take part in the London Film Festival for a long time, then this zoom meeting is for you! The organizers and participants of the ECG Film Festival 2019/2020 revealed the subtleties and secrets of participating in this event, shared their experience, and also opened the veil of mystery over ECG Film Festival-2021.

Date: 24/10/2020

Language: RU


Is there any artist, who has never participated in any exhibition, online or offline one, solo or combined one; as a participant or as an organizer, or, maybe, even as a part of the jury? And is there any exhibition that went off without a hitch? As Raymond Murphy once said, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”.

Date: 17/10/2020

Language: EN


The world is huge, and we all play a special and unique role in it. Each of us is a Creator of our life and not only. Also among us there are people who create something new and change the world for the better, making our lives even more beautiful. When a person creates something, whether it is a painting, decoration or a new design of something, he or she always leaves his/her soul, energy and a part of himself in it. Maybe that’s why there is a philosophy of things created by us?