About Guild

The Eurasian Creative Guild (London) was created in 2015 as a platform uniting creative people from all over Eurasia! We are a platform for all spheres and forms of art, covering a wide range of activities and serving as a venue for meetings, discussion of works, projects at creative meetings in different countries.

The guild is not just a community, it is a family where creative people support each other and help each other in the implementation of even the most ambitious projects.

The Eurasian Creative Guild brings together hundreds of cultural figures from around the world: writers, musicians, dancers, illustrators, graphic designers, sculptors, poets, as well as anyone who considers himself a creative person.

To become one of us, you need to fill out an application for membership and choose the most convenient category of membership for you. Registration link: www.1.eurasiancreativeguild.uk/registration/.

Organization Registration Number: 05288358 (UK)

Charter of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London)