Book series: Publish your book in London!

How many UK publishing houses do you know? There are probably a dozen or even a hundred publishing houses that publish modern British manuscripts on a daily basis.

But how many publishing houses do you know that publish Eurasian authors in Russian and English and promote the book around the world?

There is only one publishing house of this kind in whole world that has no analogues and competitors – Hertfordshire Press.

For 5 years Hertfordshire Press together with the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) has been giving authors of the Eurasian regions the opportunity to publish their book as part of the “Eurasian Creative Guild (London)” Book Series.

Over this time, we have published more than 150 books in 12 languages by 200 authors from 20 different countries! More than 24 books were published as a winner grant of the OEBF International competition. Within the framework of this competition the authors were provided with financial support in order to publish the books of the OEBF winners.

The British ISBN will be able to enhance the prestige and significance of your book. Once your book has it, the book will be provided to the world’s second book depository – the British Library and the Legal Deposit – copyright repository.

In addition, the author will be paid a fee (royalty) in the amount of 20% of the funds received for each book sold. Authors who took part in this project will be able to present their book at the X international “Open Eurasian Literary Festival”, which will be held in May 2021.

What each author gets:

1) Purchase and registration of British ISBN.

2) Publishing 50 copies for marketing  (promotional) distribution (15 copyright copies / 15 archival copies / 20 mandatory copies) and test sale (Print on demand).

3) Book placement via the distribution system Ingram, Waterstone, Amazon, etc.

4)  Book presentations at the Eurasian Culture Week in London (May 20-27) and at the OEBF (within the framework of the general presentation up to 5 min.)

5) Delivery and placement of demo copies of the book at guild meetings and book exhibitions: in London, Moscow, Minsk, Tashkent, Almaty, Bishkek and other cities of Eurasia.

6) Preparation (prepress) of the book for printing.

7) Quality control of the book before its publication and work with the printing house.

8) Storage of books in a warehouse in the UK (60 days for the entire circulation and 365 days for marketing copies – up to 500 copies).

9) Placing the book in the Hertfordshire Press online catalog and in the British magazine OCA Magazine and on social networks (more than 50,000 subscribers)

10) Copyright administration and royalty accounting (20% of each book sold)

11) Sending obligatory copies to the fund for storage and protection of copyright copies – Legal Deposit

12) The work of publishing experts.

 Publishing options for a SOFT cover book:

  • Color cover for the entire series
  • Size- 100 pages, Format – 203 x 127 mm (up to 19,000 words)
  • Page color- black and white
  • Copies for the author – 15 books *
  • Book production from 3 months to 9 months

The cost of publishing a book in softcover is 2250 British pounds.

25% discount for Guild members. The cost of the edition will be 1687 British pounds.

For the laureates of the Open Eurasia competition, a 10% discount is provided (discounts are combined).

 Publishing options for a Hardcover book:

  • Color cover, for the entire series
  • Size- 100 pages, Format – 203 x 127 mm (up to 19,000 words)
  • Page color- black and white
  • Copies to the author – 15 books*
  • Book production from 3 months to 9 months

The cost of publishing the book in hardcover is 2,990 British pounds.

25% discount for the ECG (London) members. The cost of the edition will be 2242 British pounds.

For the laureates of the Open Eurasia competition, a 10% discount is provided (discounts are combined).

All manuscripts are preliminarily approved by the editorial board. The book is printed in the author’s edition with the provision of a ready-made typeset text according to the template provided.

You can choose not only the binding of the publication, but in addition it is possible to make an individual design of the cover, only with the indication of the Guild logo, increase the circulation of the edition, purchase additional copies, increase the size of the book and much more.


  • Individual cover (with guild logo) – £ 50 to £ 500
  • Additional copies of books – the cost of 1 paperback book from 9.95 pounds, hardcover from 17.50 pounds (the cost may vary depending on the number of additional pages).
  • Editing / Proofreading – £ 10 to £ 30 per 1,000 words, depending on the complexity of the text.
  • Translation into English from 30 to 150 pounds per 1000 words depending on the complexity of the text (poetry 1-3 pounds per line).
  • Distribution to universities, educational institutions and libraries: Europe – 25 pounds per copy; worldwide (ROW) – 35 pounds per copy; UK – 10 pounds.
  • Cost per additional page – £ 5 (black and white) and £ 8 (color).
  • Color Pages – £ 450 with 25-75% RRP increase (Based on 100 pages book).
  • Professional page-proofs- 1-3 pounds per page depending on the complexity of the text.
  • Bookjacket – £ 200 and a £ 2 increase in RRP.
Promo services:

1) Press release writing £ 100-300

2) Publication of a press release in the media:

– foreign partner media – from £ 500 to £ 1500

– national media – from 100 – up to £ 500

3) Collection and inclusion of reviews from literary critics and experts in the book – from £ 50-1000 per review.

4) Making videos for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook from 50 to 1000 £ for one minute video.

5) Putting videos and advertisements on YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook – from £ 20 for one ad per day on one resource.

6) Payment for the services of a copywriter / author of advertising texts – from £ 20-100 per one text of an advertisement.

7) Design of advertising banners from £ 20- £ 100

8) Participation in the “Literary Critic” program on Amazon in order to increase the Amazon Sales Rank – £ 1000 for a package of 5 reviews.

  • Information about the author up to 100 words.
  • Synopsis (promo text) for the back cover of the book (100-150 words)
  • Photo of the author in good resolution (300 dpi)
  • Work in Word format designed for the publication of a book (without highlights / corrections / edits) with content, links, and, if necessary, with a preface, an afterword and an index (up to 21,000 words).

All documents must be sent by mail:

*Included delivery of books to the Author (up to 2 kg) additional weight costs 11 pounds per kilogram. Customs clearance of goods and paperwork at the expense of the recipient.

** Extension of the distribution, storage and marketing of the author’s books is possible upon payment of an additional administrative fee of £ 360 per year.

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