ECG 2018


 “Профессиональная компетентность артиста балета”, Г. Капанова (Russian Edition)

“Professional competence of a ballet dancer” is a bold attempt to structure the huge factual material to then present it in the form of original copyright tables and graphic diagrams with detailed explanations. On this basis, the author built a unique information model of the competence of a ballet dancer, taking into account the complex interaction of professional ballet qualities, mental properties and anatomical characteristics. Particular attention was paid not only to the motor and functional competencies of the modern dancer but also to the disclosure of the artist’s artistic and personal potential. This book is addressed primarily to those who are professionally associated with classical choreography, it will also be interesting to students of theatre institutes and true ballet lovers.

“A feast in place of war” by Nadezhda Kolyshkina

A Feast in Place of War, a play, based on the book of the same name published in Moscow in 2013.
The play is set 12,000 years BCE on the sacred Mount Meru, where the classical Greco-Roman gods have gathered to end their protracted feud with the Titans once and for all.
However, not even the gods can make everything go as they want, and Zeus is forced to replace the Council of Gods with a feast, as the Titans haven’t shown up for the talks.
The supreme deity has announced a ball, but the gods aren’t exactly falling over themselves to attend this, either. His beloved children Athena, Aphrodite and Apollo don’t come, and there is no sign of Mother Gaia, who is trying to prepare an elixir of immortality for her earthly progeny while the others feast.
As the action unfolds, we see the gods for who they really are, with all their squabbles, scheming and psychological games. Zeus likes to think that he’s in charge, but how much does the Thunderer really know about what’s going on behind his back? He’s declared the Earth’s ancient inhabitants “withered branches of the tree of life”, but Mother Gaia is determined to save them from destruction—and Hera, the goddess of women and marriage, is equally determined to stop her. But how will Zeus react when he finds out that his own wife hasn’t informed him of her cunning plan?

“Abai, future of Kazakhstan and world civilization” by Orazaly Sabden

Poetical compositions and “Words of Edification” of the great Abai Kunanbaev for more than two centuries have been the guides of intellectual enrichment for Kazakh people and the whole of humanity. By this reference in the conditions of globalization and new challenges in the XXI century, the author offers to readers his own 15 considerations, appealing congeners to look at the world from a new angle, to give a push for innovation, to make a socially economic analysis of the civilization development perspective. Abai’s learning is used for the purpose of future humane society building attempts and its moral codices in the XXI century. The author exercises daring judgements, gives deeply conscious offerings and gives examples of values, which can inspire our country to go forward. At the same time, the book contains projects and ways for the peoples’ right choice for its future.
There are also given brief information about historical figures, which made a tremendous contribution to the historical development of the Turk-Speaking nations, Kazakh people and the wider civilization.
The book offers three mega-projects: «Panorama of history of the Turk peoples», «The concept of human survival strategy in the XXI century», «The national idea of the spiritual rebirth of Turkestan».
The book is intended for a wide audience of readers, especially youth and for those who are not indifferent to the future of human civilization. The author hopes that his book will make a fair share of contribution in Kazakhstan’s entering the list of developed democratic states of the world in perspective.

“Любовь ко всем, ненависть — ни к кому! — Смысл жизни мусульман-ахмади”, Нурым Тайбек (Russian Edition)

The Ahmadian movement is the only one in Islam to declare, in accordance with the order of Muhammad, military jihad cancelled (since 1891) in connection with the advent of the Mahdi messiah (and the beginning of the human rights era). Ahmad fought against the politicization of Islam and restored the original – peaceful, safe and spiritual – interpretation of the concepts of “jihad” and “caliphate”, showing the obsolescence and failure of their military-political interpretation. All non-Ahmadic Muslim movements oppose the rationalist Ahmadic understanding of the literalistic worldview, the main element of which is a bloody “messiah”, with a sword “converting to Islam” the whole world, killing dissenters and breaking all crosses in the world, like ISIS. Their followers carry out attacks everywhere. In Kashkar-Kyshtak (Kyrgyzstan), they killed an Ahmadian for obstructing their plans for recruiting “jihadists” and planned to rob rich people to finance “jihad”. “Islamic terrorism” is skillfully used as an image of the enemy, without which the war machine of the superpowers cannot grow and implement their expansionist policies. Thanks to the community’s commitment to peace, human rights and freedoms, non-violence, humanitarian ideals, renunciation of revenge, the worldwide recognition of the Ahmadi community is only growing.


Юрий Башманов «Гонки по Вертикали» (Russian Edition)

The collection includes stories about mountaineering, the army and the life of a simple Soviet man with a free soul, a hooligan character and noble goals. The author does not claim to be a high literary mastery, but his stories are full of vitality and heroic optimism, which fill the soul and inspire exploits.
Yuri Bashmanov, master of sports in mountaineering, “snow leopard”, currently the head of the construction company. In 1995, he became the organizer and leader of a large-scale expedition to the nameless summit in honour of a significant date for the Kyrgyz people “Manas-1000”. In 1999 he also organized and led the ascent to 2 nameless peaks. One peak is named after the great Kyrgyz poet A. Osmonov, the second – “Erkindik Kyrgyzstan” (“Free Kyrgyzstan”). Among his mountain activities is the creation and leadership of the youth section on mountaineering (2000-2006), the first ascent to the peak of the Kyrgyz police, etc. In addition, Yuri Bashmanov does charity work, supports orphanages, WWII veterans, and creative and sports initiatives.
The history of his literary work has developed under the pressure of the environment, to whom the author colourfully told stories from his turbulent youth. A few years ago, the author described in stories the real stories and the fate of the people he met. These stories reflected the era and the heroic spirit on which the generation of Soviet people was brought up.