On-line exhibition. The winners of the “TOP-25 works of art of Eurasia – 2020” contest

We are glad to welcome you to our on-line exhibition “Artworks of Eurasia”!

Our on-line art gallery presents the work of ECG members who work in the field of visual art. The exhibition features the winners of the “TOP-25 Artworks of Eurasia” contest. In this wonderful online exhibition, you can see some of the best works of contemporary Eurasian art.

Michael Daniel Sagatis

“Steppe by Steppe”

Wales, UK


Iana Savelieva

(Kaliningrad, Russia)

“Winter magic at lake Tazawa in Akita Prefecture, Japan”

Photo, Nikon D5100 (18-50mm).

Lyudmila Budanova



Technique: oil, canvas

31.5×47.3 inches

Sasha Dolinskiyй

(Almaty, Kazakhstan)


Adylbek Baiterekov

(Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)

“New nomadic”

Technique: oil, canvas (author’s technique)

23.6х39.4 inches

Yelena Bezrukova

(Almaty, Kazakhstan)

“The Dragon”

Albina Taipova

(Minsk, Belarus)

“Still life. Wilting of life”

Botakoz Utebalieva

(Almaty, Kazakhstan)

“The Dawn Cruise”

Technique: oil, canvas
23.6*15.8 inches

Guljan Kaldybaeva

(Almaty, Kazakhstan)

“The Hot day”

Technique: oil, canvas

7.9х11.8 inches

Inna Pilipionak

(Minsk, Belarus)


Jonathan Campion

(Norwich, UK)

“The Martyrs’ Mosque, Baku, Azerbaijan”

Vladimir Kosarev

(Novosibirsk, Russia)

“The Philosophy”


Katerina Zver (Ekaterina Zgurskaya)

(Moscow, Russia)

“Robin the Flutist” (illustration of the author’s tale)

Yussuf Krykbesov

(Schuchinsk, Kazakhstan)


Abstract Expressionism

Technique: oil, orgalite

23.6х31.5 inches

Aliya Shekhmametieva

(St. Petersburg, Russia)

“Seagull that shout from the bottom of the sea”


Technique: canvas, tempera, glue
7.9х7.9 inches

Yekaterina Shkut

(Gomel, Belarus)


Perizat Yesnazarova

(Almaty, Kazakhstan)

“The First Born”

Technique: batik, silk

Olim Kamalov

(Dushanbe, Tadjikistan)

“Nasreddin Hodja Teaching His Donkey Literacy”

Rauan Suleymenov

(Almaty, Kazakhstan)


Olesea Shibaeva

(Chisinau, Moldova)

“Stork” (“Аист”)

Technique: batik, silk

Lyudmila Blokhina

(Krasnodar, Russia)

“Vestal with a scroll”

Technique: canvas (100% flax) on the subframe, acrylic, lacquer.

19.7×27.6 inches

Rina Akhmetova

(Almaty, Kazakhstan)

“Autumn in the mountains”

Technique: oil, canvas

19.7х23.6 inches

Lidia Drozdova

(Almaty, Kazakhstan)


Technique: watercolor, paper

27.6х19.7 inches

Larisa Pak

(Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)

“Autumn Alissum”

Technique: oil, canvas

22.4х39.4 inches

In addition, some of the paintings presented in our virtual exhibition will be on sale in an on-line charity auction! We hope this event will act as a magnet to attract the attention of connoisseurs of visual art to the works of contemporary Eurasia artists.

If you have any questions, you can contact the exhibition and auction organizing committee by email at: ecgadmin@ocamagazine.com or via instant messengers (WhatsApp/Telegram/Viber/imo) at the number +7-902-446-38-96 (Tatiana).