“BURABAY 4Seasons” the touristic and cultural almanac

And show yourself, and see others: an invitation to publish in the “BURABAY 4Seasons” cultural and touristic almanac.

Publication in the international bilingual * cultural and touristic almanac “BURABAY 4Seasons” is an excellent way not only to share your works with connoisseurs of literature and visual arts, but also to attract the attention of international readers (after all, even the first issue started not in one and not in two, but in five countries!).

The almanac is completely colored, has a very convenient mini-format, which was appreciated by all its owners, and it is simply impossible to break away from this most pleasant cover to the touch!

The following are accepted for publication:

  • poems and lyrics;
  • small prose (including excerpts);
  • historical and ethnographic articles or essays on the Burabay District;
  • Interviews with interesting people of the Burabay region and Akmola region;
  • paintings;
  • art photography;
  • photos of sculptures and handicrafts.

The main condition for participation in BURABAY 4Seasons is that the works should be devoted to the Burabay region, its events and people, or reflect the problems of conservation.

Technical conditions of participation in the almanac:

  • On one page of the almanac you can place: one picture/photo (does not refer to photos from events and photos of authors) OR 220-250 words of prose text (depending on the language) OR 26 poetic lines (taking into account the title and indication of the author);
  • One participant may place no more than four pages in one language in the almanac (Russian/English);
  • The cost of one page of publication is £20 (with a 25% discount for Guild members – £15). Participants are provided with an electronic copy free of charge, printed copies are purchased separately;
  • Translation into English is carried out by the author independently or can be provided as an additional service (from 10 pounds per page, depending on the text);
  • Printed copies can be purchased for £14.5 per copy (25% off for Guild members – £11 per copy);
  • The collection is delivered by mail, the terms of mail can be viewed here.

For accommodation, please email