Guardian Council

Guardian – an honorary permanent (lifetime) membership. Guardians are selected for making a signifi-
cant contribution to the development of the Guild after an open vote among other members by a simple
majority of votes, or by paying an administrative fee of 500 British pounds, subject to approval by the
Advisory Council. Guardians also become ex-Chairman of the Guild.

Marat Akhmedzhanov
United Kingdom (London)

Nick Rowan
United Kingdom (London).Shef editor OCA Magazine

David Perry
United Kingdom (London).
Former chaieman 2015-2017

Gulsifat Shahidi
Journalist, writer

Laura Hamilton
United Kingdom (London).
Editor. Former chaieman 2017-2019

Alexandera Vlasova
United Kingdom (London).

Darien Shaul Roitman

Writer and screenwriter.