On the initiative of the creative residence ECG HORIZONS BURABAY and the British organization Eurasian Creative Guild (London) on July 22-24, the pike festival “Pike Fest in Pikeville” will be held in Shchuchinsk. We plan to hold a number of memorable events as part of the festival.


The topic of climate change and the protection of nature is becoming one of the main topics on the agenda. And we want to help the ecosystem of Lake Shchuchye (Pike Lake) free from garbage. We will hold an open action on cleaning the territory for festival participants and local residents. All volunteers will receive commemorative badges from recycled plastic, and the champions who “caught” the biggest “garbage pike” will receive memorable prizes.


Burabai National Park offers a large number of interesting ecological and tourist routes, and we want to make them comfortable. In the UK, there is a tradition of installing nominal (memorial) benches, including on forest park walking trails. Therefore, we want to install benches in the shape of pike and attach nameplates on them in honor of our sponsors. The main task (in addition to ensuring the comfort of tourists) is to draw attention to the preservation and development of Burabay Park through creative projects and support for talented people in the region, the creation of landmarks that promote and popularize the territory. The shop will be made in the form of a sculpture of a pike made of cement with a wooden seat. Installation of each bench will be a separate event with its own small show))


Ordinary concrete sculptures? We can do better!

As part of the festival, we plan to make an art flash mob, within the framework of which talented artists will paint gray sculptures-shop pike from cement, turning them into real art objects that attract tourists around the world.

You can contact Taina Kaunis, an Executive Director of ECG (London) and General Manager of the ECG HORIZONS Residency, for questions about participating in the festival.


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