The Dairy Almanac “Voices of Friends”

The Poetry Almanac “Voices of Friends” is the world’s only collection of Eurasian poetry in the English language was launched by Eurasian Creative Guild (London). The collection was dedicated to the 250th anniversary of English poet Walter Scott who obtained great popularity in the Former Soviet Union as well as around the world. In the first edition of the Almanac, the reader will be able to find the poetry of the guild members, the poetic works of Walter Scott, and selected poems of world classics in English and in national languages. 

“Voices of Friends” is a partner project of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) and the prestigious British publishing house Hertfordshire Press (UK).

In honor of the anniversary of Walter Scott, the almanac includes 18 of the poet’s most famous poems, which are published in the original Scottish-English language and translated into other languages. 39 contemporary poets from 13 different countries of the Eurasian region also took part in the Almanac. 

The format is a special feature of the collection. The convenient structure of the daily planner shows not only your favorite classical works and poems of contemporary authors on each calendar day, but also includes a calendar where you can make notes in the margins at the end of each week.

This is a truly international collection, which contains poems by poets of various nationalities and eras. Some of them are written in the original language, whether it is Armenian or Italian, Spanish or Kyrgyz. But most of them are also translated into English or Russian languages in order to reach and engage as many readers as possible.

Poetry is deeply ingrained in the human soul that it is a big part of every culture. It makes readers feel a deep human connection with the help of feelings such as laughter, tears, anger, and love. Poetry unites each of us in a very special way. 

Thereby Hertfordshire Press (UK) published the Almanac “Voices of Friends” in 2021 which is a collection of poems that goes beyond the boundaries of previously published almanacs, for the poetic unification of all of Eurasia. As a result, a special collection was published, which emphasizes the power of poetry and strengthens the bonds of friendship among creative people.

One of the most published English poets and the Guild’s chairman, John Farndon, the Hertfordshire Press team, the Poetry Expert Council and the Translation Expert Council of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) worked on the collection.