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 The Eurasian Creative Guild (London) is a public non-profit organisation, a new meeting place for creative talents. As an actual and virtual association, the Guild generates a framework within which creative people from across the board can come together and discuss their work. Indeed, the Guild has already enlisted dozens of significant cultural figures from across the globe due to its proactive support for writers, musicians, illustrators, graphic designers, sculptors and poets along with anyone who considers themselves to be creative and is seeking promotion of their work around the globe and a mutually beneficial cooperation. Today the Eurasian Creative Guild is an international non-profit organization with headquarters in London, that is opened for all like-minded people, inviting to actual participation in the activity and occasions in a role that everybody determines to himself : as a member of Guild, in a role of participant of occasions or as a sponsor of events and projects. Overall, the Guilds mission is to ensure real dialogue and genuine interaction between designated representatives from all sectors of the creative (intellectual) elite, public and governmental organizations, as well as the business community. Thereby constructing, as this does, a mutually supportive forum for all member-creatives.

Laura Hamilton – The current Chairman of Eurasian Creative Guild

Eurasian Creative Guild (London) is a new forum for creative professionals. A virtual as well as an actual platform, whereon creatives from every sphere can unite. As much, dozens of globally significant creatives have already joined forces is an attempt to offer each other mutual support. Men and women from across the planet who believe establishing an association of writers, musicians, dancers, illustrators, graphic designers, sculptors and poets – along with anyone else who considers themselves truly creative – will benefit everyone involved in this partnership.

Overall, Eurasian Creative Guild aims to establish a global network wherein local knowledge and individual experience can be shared between every member. What is more, our intention to gather the information necessary to effectively engage with regional competitions, galleries, festivals, exhibitions, academies etc, will make our unique and friendly association a focal point for all creatives seeking to extend their expertise, views, goals, activities and interests. An undertaking reflected in the fact our Guild is a non-profit organization designed to promote the interests of creatives, while remaining open to all like-minded people. Certainly, our invitation to actively participate in Guild sponsored events – either as a full member, or as a recognized expert with affiliations to our international community – offers a unique opportunity to interact with acknowledged authorities worldwide.

All in all, the Guild intends to ensure real dialogue and genuine interaction between creatives within every sector of the creative (intellectual) elite, public and governmental organizations, and business.

Creative Guild is the voice and eyes of Eurasia. After all, no single creative space will ever exist if there isn’t a common information space.

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