Anna Ponomareva

Country: Israel

Field of activity: photographer, designer

My name is Anna. I am a fourth-year student of the architectural faculty of BNTU. Also I am engaged in drawing and other kinds of applied art. I’m fond of photography, both studiophoto and everyday life pictures . Speaking of drawing in more detail, I am a versatile artist, I write in different techniques and use different materials, but mostly I specialize in oil painting and graphics. The main direction of my oil works is fantastic surrealism. Each picture has its own unique meaning, my vision of the surrounding world. I do graphical sketches from nature, but often they are transformed into something else and later become full-fledged works with their overtones. My oily works were presented at exhibitions in Minsk, and one of them is currently decorating the personal residence of the President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin. At the moment, a large-scale exhibition of my works in Israel is planned. The works are being sold, but I also write custom-made pictures for various organizations and enterprises. I participate in competitions and marathons, including international ones. Inspiration is brought to me by travels to different countries, the ideas of many of my works are taken from dreams. I try to creatively develop in different directions and every day to comprehend new horizons!