ECG Corporate Membership

The Eurasian Creative Guild (London) offers partnership to commercial and public organizations in both the Eurasian region and the whole world.

The Guild is interested in collaborating and pooling resources for collaboration in the UK and around the world. The guild can act both as an event organizer and help you find partners to promote your organization.

Corporate category for COMMERCIAL ORGANIZATIONS 1000₤ (pounds). Upon the expiration of 30 days from the moment of registration, the membership fee will be 1300₤.

Corporate category for PUBLIC AND EDUCATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS 500 ₤ (pounds). Upon the expiration of 30 days from the moment of registration, the amount of the membership fee will be 560₤.


1. Promotion of your activities in the UK and the Eurasian region
2. Access to an extensive network of contacts in the Eurasian region (students, diplomats, politicians, businessmen, etc.)
3. Holding conferences, events, festivals on your platform
4. Participation in festivals, projects and competitions
5. Possibility of free subscription to “OCA MAGAZINE” (online version)
6. The possibility of advertising in OCA magazine: free placement of articles on general topics, free placement of PR – articles (advertising article about the organization) on 1 page per year, 25% discount on the placement of subsequent articles.
7. Involvement of international expert speakers for your events
8. 25% discount on books and book publishing in ECG Academic Series
9. Opportunity to both participate in the expert council and use its services
10. Advertising of your events and projects on social media pages and on the Guild website
11. Certificates and badges (up to 10 people available)
12. Visa support for participation in Guild events (up to 10 people available)
13. Special seat on the Guild Expert Council