OCA People — 2021

We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications to be part of OCA Magazine’s ‘OCA People’ edition in 2021!

This project, aimed at giving exposure to talented artists from the Eurasian region, was successfully launched in 2020. Through it, writers, artists, publicists and other creative people have been able to promote themselves; this has led, among other opportunities, to them being featured in international media. Following this success, the OCA People edition will be released again in 2021, and all members of the Eurasian Creative Guild are invited to apply.

The print edition will include 40 interviews with Guild members. Ten additional interviews will be published online.

How is OCA People created?

STAGE 1: The list of nominees

From 1 December 2020 to 25 February 2021, the Guild’s executive committee will receive applications, in which members will need to indicate three nominees who, in their opinion, make a significant contribution to the development of their field of art. Members are able to nominate themselves.

If you want to support your talented colleagues and compatriots, fill in the Nomination Form (the link to it will be active till 25 February 2021).

The nominee must be an active member of the Guild (with a paid membership fee for 2021). Members featured in OCA People #1 may nominate other members of the Guild, but the re-nomination of these participants (including those posted in the online version of the magazine) will not be considered by the editorial board.

STAGE 2: Selection of candidates

Up to 25 March 2021, the editorial board will select 40 people to include in the printed edition of OCA People, and no more than 10 additional people for the online version. They will need to briefly answer interview questions in English and provide their photos by 25 April. If this is not completed, they may be excluded from the list of nominees.

Of the 11 nominees who receive the most votes, one will be given a free place in the printed edition of OCA People, and 10 will receive free places in the online version of the magazine.

STAGE 3: Creation and publication of the magazine

OCA People is scheduled for printing on 20 May 2021. It will be published in summer 2021.

Cost and terms of delivery

  1. The fee for publication in the OCA People project is £150. This includes:

– 10 copies of the magazine (it will be possible to order additional copies)

– Publication on the OCA Magazine website

  1. The cost of a copy of the printed issue (by pre-order) is £15
  1. Magazines are available free of charge at Guild meetings and other events
  1. Postage is paid for separately. The shipping cost is calculated by the number (weight) of magazines.

Please send any questions about the OCA People project to Tatiana at ecgadmin@ocamagazine.com or on +7-902-446-38-96.

About the first issue of the OCA People