“The Artworks of Eurasia” Charity Art-Auction

We are glad to welcome you to our on-line charity art-auction “Artworks of Eurasia”!

All items are represented by the works of ECG members and featured by participants of OCA People (a special project of the OCA Magazine) and the winners of the “TOP-25 Artworks of Eurasia” contest.

We hope this event will act as a magnet to attract the attention of connoisseurs of visual art to the works of contemporary Eurasia artists.

The auction will raise funds for several purposes:
– First of all, 50% of the proceeds will be received by the artists themselves. However, each artist participating in the auction has the right to donate his or her share to other charities.

– Secondly, 25% of the proceeds go to the charity event “Visual Art for Everyone.” One of the goals of this campaign is to provide master classes by contemporary artists of Eurasia to needy children and children with HIA.

– Thirdly, the remaining proceeds will go towards opening an art residence for members of the Guild who are not able to go on art tours independently. Artists will be provided with conducive conditions for creativity and communication within the creative community.

The auction will be open from 3rd October to 15th December, 2020, so you have plenty of time to select and purchase a picture you like for your private collection.

If you have any questions, you can contact the exhibition and auction organizing committee by email at: ecgadmin@ocamagazine.com or via instant messengers (WhatsApp/Telegram/Viber/imo) at the number +7-902-446-38-96 (Tatiana).


Item №1

Adylbek Baiterekov (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)

“New nomadic”

Technique: oil, canvas (author’s technique)

23.6х39.4 inches

Item №2

Ya La Lee  (Aliya Shekhmametieva) (St. Petersburg, Russia)

“The Seagull that shouts from the bottom of the sea”


The presented work is a picturesque experiment on pollution of the environment and in particular the sea and the ocean. The title of the painting “Seagull that shouts from the bottom of the sea” also carries a certain meaning. The seagull, in the title, is represented as a herald of freedom, symbolizes something positive, but it’s buried under the garbage and can’t call  us from the bottom of the sea.

Technique: canvas, tempera, glue

15.75х15.75 inches

Item №3

Botakoz Utebalieva (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

“The Dawn Cruise”

Technique: oil, canvas

23.6*15.8 inches

Item №4

Vladimir Kosarev (Novosibirsk, Russia)

“The philosophy”


Item №5

Yekaterina Shkut (Gomel, Belarus)

Untitled Artwork

Item №6

Yelena Bezrukova (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

“The Dragon”

Projective graphic

Item №7

Inna Pilipionak (Minsk, Belarus)

Untitled Artwork

Item №8

Katerina Zver (Ekaterina Zgurskaya) (Moscow, Russia)

“Robin the Flutist”

Illustration for the same-titled story from “The Forest Gothic” fairy tale book

A3 Kraft paper, graphite pencil, colored in Photoshop

11,7х16,6 inches

Item №9

Larisa Pak (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)


Technique: oil, canvas

22.4х39.4 inches

Item №10

Lidia Drozdova (Almaty, Kazakhstan)


Technique: watercolor, paper

27.6х19.7 inches

Item №11

Olesea Shibaeva (Chisinau, Moldova)


Technique: batik, silk

Item №12

Perizat Yesnazarova (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

“The First Born”

Technique: batik, silk

Item №13

Yussuf Krykbessov (Schuchinsk, Kazakhstan)


Abstract Expressionism

Technique: oil, orgalite

23.6х31.5 inches

Item №14

Yelena Fursa (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

“Still life with peaches”

Item №15

Rina Akhmetova (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

“Autumn in the mountains”

Technique: oil, canvas

19.7х23.6 inches

Item №16

Rina Akhmetova (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

“Dawn upon a lake”

Technique: oil, canvas

11.8х23.6 inches

Item №17

Lyudmila Blokhina (Krasnodar, Russia)

“Vestal with a scroll”

Technique: canvas (100% flax) on the subframe, acrylic, lacquer.

19.7×27.6 inches

Item №18

Perizat Yesnazarova (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Autumn gust

Technique: batik, silk, embroidery

23.6×31.5 inches