“Thread-6”: almanac as a gift to Queen Elizabeth II

The whole of 2022 in the UK celebrates the platinum anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II – an event more than outstanding)) For reference: Elizabeth II is the first ruling British monarch to celebrate the 70th anniversary of sitting on the throne. Can you imagine how many generations have changed before her eyes? How many cultural trends have passed through her life?

In honor of this, ECG (London) and Hertfordshire Press (UK) decided to devote the sixth issue of the already legendary almanac “Thread” to Her Majesty the Queen. This almanac reflects both the diversity of cultures and the connection of generations, and this year you can also place your work not only in Russian, but also in English! Why in English? Because the almanac “Thread-6” will be donated to Elizabeth II and will be honored is in her personal library (and in response we will receive a letter of thanks from the Queen’s administration, as some of our Guild members have already received).

The goals of our publication are:

  • convey through the artistic word a single spirit of the peoples of Eurasia, once united by one common cultural space – the countries of the former USSR;
  • support the continuity of generations – along with the works of recognized masters of the word, the works of young authors are published;
  • to contribute to the cultural mutual enrichment of young writers, to build respect for history and the present of other countries.

Since 2018, the collection has included works by more than sixty authors from fourteen countries.

To participate in the collection, it is necessary to send your works to the herts@ocamagazine.com by August 1, 2022. Works of art in the form of prose in Russian and English are accepted. It is also possible to place monochrome graphic works (black and white printing).

Conditions of acceptance of works:

  • the volume of works shall not exceed 100 lines (approximately 500-800 words) *. It is also necessary to provide photos and brief information about the author (in the amount of no more than 100 words). Each author will be allocated in the collection from 1 to 4 pages *, depending on the submitted material and the decision of the editor. It is allowed to place black and white illustrations (photographs) presented at the author’s initiative within the total volume of the author’s material in the collection;
  • an administrative and technical fee of £95 must be paid. For authors participating in the project of previous years, there is a discount on the contribution for participation in the amount of 10% (85.5 pounds). For members of the Guild’s Expert Council on Artistic Literature, there is a 50% discount (£47.5);
  • must be an active member of the Guild **;
  • each author receives one author’s (free) copy of the collection, the cost of postal delivery of a copy of the collection to the author is paid by the author independently. Free delivery to the creative residence of ECG HORIZONS BURABAY (Shchuchinsk, Kazakhstan) is possible, as well as receiving an author’s copy at Guild festivals by the author or his official representative.

The themes of the works of the collection are traditional – common themes inherent in the work of Eurasian peoples: love for the native land, nature and art, veneration of the memory of ancestors, philosophy of perception of environmental reality, history, traditions of the peoples of Eurasia, military themes, memory of the great feat of the people.

The participation of young authors is especially welcome!

The collection will be presented at the main face-to-face and on-line events of the Eurasian Creative Guild of 2022, including at the one-fifteenth Open Eurasia festival in London on November 25-28.

* additional text/pages can be placed for an additional fee of £15 per page, with a total publication volume of one author not exceeding 20 pages (7,000 words).

* * the right to participate in this competition is given only by the Individual/preferential category (the “Contestant” category is not considered).

For placement in the collection, write to the herts@ocamagazine.com.