Voices of Friends: Poetry and Art. Contest and Festival

As they say, poetry is a painting of words. That’s why the ECG (London) started a new international project – Voices of Friends: Poetry and Art Festival. The event will include a poetic marathon, a presentation of the “Voices of Friends” poetic Almanac, personal presentations, an art exhibition and other interesting activities. The award ceremony of the “Voices of Friends: Poetry and Art” contest for artists will also be held in a frame of the Festival. The event will be held in September 2021 in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

And now that we have a double opportunity to show the creativity of poets and artists, the Festival will be doubled in London as a part of the Eurasian Creative Week from 1st to 7th October, 2021.

The works of artists are accepted in the following nominations:

  • Painting (including graphics)
  • Photo
  • Sculpture/Installation
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Performance


  • International exhibition in Almaty (Kazakhstan) in the first half of September as part of the festival “Voices of Friends: Poetry and Art” and international exhibition in London (UK).
  • Free publication of photos of the winners’ works in nominations in the almanac “Voices of Friends: Poetry and Art” *, 1st place – 3 works (one of them is a contest work), 2nd place – 2 works (one of them is a contest work), and 3 place – 1 work (competitive).
  • Place in the electronic art gallery on the ECG (London) website for all finalists (short lists by nominations).

* Participants will receive a free PDF (electronic) version of the almanac, the printed version must be purchased separately.

Terms of Participation:

1. Mandatory existence of existing membership in the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) in individual, preferential or corporate categories. Membership in the category “Contestant” does not apply to this competition. If you are not a member of the Guild, you can register on the Guild website.

2. The competition is accepted up to three works in any of the categories, but not more than three categories. Competitive work should be created no earlier than September 1, 2020 and should not participate in other ECG (London) projects.

3. The application shall include:

– Photo of the work in a good quality

– Description of the main idea of work in English and (if possible) in Russian (up to 300 words in each language)

4. Completion of the application form and submission of materials (e-mail address for works is indicated in the application form), which will be considered by the jury formed by the Expert Council on Fine Arts. Acceptance of applications is open until August 1, 2021.

5. Mandatory interview with members of the organizing committee and jury.

6. The organizing committee of the competition reserves the right to reject the application for participation without explaining the reasons. If the application is rejected, a notification will be sent to the e-mail address specified in the application.

Requirements to Photos:

  • format: JPG, PNG;
  • without blur, clear;
  • without the use of filters and other digital means of image processing (except art photography);
  • the size of the original, except for digital photography (physical size of the object WITHOUT frame/stand and other devices): not less than 500 mm on the short side for planar work, not less than 50 mm on the smallest of the measurements for volumetric work;
  • photo resolution: 300 dpi;
  • photo title design: author, work name, style, material, technique (example: John Dou_Crains_sculpture_polimer clay _ manual sculpturing.jpg).


  • Be an active member of the Guild (with a paid membership fee);
  • Be a member of the Poetry Expert Council;
  • Fill in the application for participation in the competition of the Expert Council on Poetry;
  • Send up to three of your poems (up to 15 lines with a title for each of it). The information must be in English (or native language if desired), Russian subtitles are essential. Translation can be ordered from the publisher at an additional cost (more here);
  • Send a brief information about yourself (up to 50 words in one language -English or Russian) and a photo of good quality (more here).


  • The three best poems according to the version of jury from the Expert Council on Poetry will be published free of charge in Almanac 2023.
  • Poems included in the short list (10 works) will be published with a 55% discount

* Participants will receive a free PDF (electronic) version of the almanac, the printed version must be purchased separately.

The themes of the works are traditional – common topics inherent in the work of Eurasian peoples: love for the native land and nature, veneration of the memory of ancestors, the philosophy of perception of the surrounding reality, military topics. New suggestions and ideas are welcome, but remain at the discretion of the publisher.


Participation in the competition is free.

The administrative fee for participation in the festival in person or in absentia will be announced before 1st May in accordance with the rules of the festival.