«FRIENDS VOICES» POETRY ALMANAС will allow you not only to present your work to the world in English, but also to preserve memories of people close to you, significant historical dates or your homeland as a part of world history and literature. The idea for this kind of collection appeared in 1960, when Soviet writer Konstantin.
Simonov published a collection of translations of the Voices of Friends, which included poems from poets of Uzbekistan.
Sixty years on, we decided not only to revive this wonderful idea, but also to give it a new sound. The uniqueness of the
almanac (diary – calendar) arises from the fact that it will
be divided into 365 calendar days, where 1 page is allocated
to each day. For example, you have the opportunity to put
your work on Independence Day, or the anniversary of Abay
Kunanbayev, etc. The collection will be a great gift for an
unforgettable celebration, anniversary, birthday and ideally
fits personal social circles as well as events at the public and
state levelEach author can choose up to 6 calendar days (6

The almanac will be published in the UK by Hertfordshire
Press as part of the ECG book series. Mandatory copies will
be sent to both the British Library and the world’s largest
repository of copyrighted copies, Legal Deposit.



• each author can choose up to 5 calendar days (5 pages)
• days will be allocated according to the principle of priority of the submitted application (first come – first served) and approval by the expert council / editorial board. 2 placements on 1 date are not allowed.
• The information provided should be in English (native language optional). Translation can be ordered from the publisher for an additional fee (inf. Below)
• together with the poem, you must send a brief information about yourself (up to 50 words in one language) and a good quality photograph
• participation cost – £ 25 (per 1 page)
• postal delivery * * – £ 10 (Europe and the CIS), £ 20 (the rest of the world)
• redemption ** of at least one copy of the collection is mandatory
you must

be an active member of the Guild ***
• the themes of the collection’s works are traditional — common themes inherent in the work of Eurasian peoples: love of the native land and nature, veneration of the memory of ancestors, philosophy of perception of the surrounding reality, military subjects. New suggestions and ideas are welcome, but remain at the discretion of the publisher.


• minimum 10 lines
• 30 lines maximum

Additional services


The presence of a translation into English is a prerequisite. The transfer can be made by the applicant independently or through the publisher at the rates below:

• 1 £ per line (not native speaker)
• 3 £ per line (native speaker)


All works are printed in the original edition. Spelling / grammar is the responsibility of applicants. The publisher can provide editors in Russian or English at the prices listed below:

• 1 £ per line (Russian)
• 2 £ per line (English)


until May 15, 2020

The collection will be presented at:

  • “Voice of Friends” Reel poetry festival (August 2-4, Kaliningrad, Russia)
  • 4th Eurasian Culture Week (October 1-6, 2020, London, UK)
  • The 9th Literary Festival and Book Forum “Open Eurasia” (November 2020) and all subsequent meetings and book exhibitions of the Guild in 2020.
  • At a guild meeting, you can get it with free delivery (not including the cost of the book), but reservation is required.

** the cost of 1 copy is £ 35, with the purchase of more than 5 copies, a 20% discount.

*** Detailed information about the Guild and how to register as a member can be found here; the right to participate in this competition is given only by an Individual / preferential category.

For any questions: angelina@ocamagazine.com