Abu-Sufyan in Astana

On 4 October 2016, a book presentation was held in Astana by modern Dagestani author Abu-Sufyan. “His collection of poetry entitled “Crane” was published in English in 2016 by Hertfordshire Press. In his book, written in a bright and unique style, Abu-Sufyan covers
such topics as responsibility towards nature, hope and the essence of life. Conveying the charm of nature, these eloquent poems tell of the changing of the seasons and ultimately the generations with the dreamlike, heart-wrenching quality of a fairy-tale. Despite the fact
that the book is marketed for children, as noted by numerous literary critics, Abu-Sufyan’s book is a work
for all ages.
Bringing together representatives of European and Asian cultures, the presentation by the Dagestani author was coordinated through a British organisation in the heart of the Kazakh capital. The cooperation of creative throughout the entire Eurasian region is the main mission of Eurasian Creative Guild, who staged a presentation within the framework of this event.
During a lively discussion, representatives of Guild fielded questions from fans of contemporary literature.
The Eurasian Creative Guild has been joined by hundreds of creative people from different corners of the world, and the city of Astana is no exception. “The Eurasian Creative Guild facilitates the opportunity to express oneself, to meet interesting people from all over the world and expand one’s creative range,” said Astana – based Evgeniya Gorobets. The idea of cooperation with Guild members inspired the President of the Pero Fund, Elden Sarybay, who on behalf of his organisation expressed its intention to join the ranks of the Guild. The Pero Fund acts as the organiser of open evenings for lovers of poetry.

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