The deadline for submission of applications is 24 February 2018.


A modern interpretation of Persian miniature art. The collaboration of the well-known Tajik miniature artist Olim Kamalov with a western conceptual artist.


The collaboration will take place at Kamalov’s studio in Dushanbe, Tajikistan over 25 days and will culminate in a joint art exhibition.

We will accept proposals from British/western artists who work in conceptual contemporary art. The medium is not important: it can be oil painting, photography, video, installations, mixed media, etc.

A spare bedroom, meals and space for work will be provided for free. You will have an opportunity to explore the city/country, if desired.

You will only need to pay for your flight to Dushanbe, and any paints/canvas or other materials that you use for your personal works (you can bring these materials with you or purchase them locally). The costs of collaborative works will be shared with Kamalov.

The two artists will familiarise themselves with each others works and technique. Each artist will create a few of his/her own works inspired by the other’s style. You will also create 6 collaborative work together with Kamalov.

During the last 3 days of the visit, a joint art exhibition will be held in Dushanbe. The exhibition venue does not require any fee. The costs of any exhibition opening/reception/drinks, if needed, will be agreed and shared by the two artists.

In 2019, it is planned to hold the same exhibition in the UK, provisionally at Cambridge University.

A catalogue of the collaboration will be published in 2019, subject to finding a suitable sponsor.

You will be free to keep your own works created in Tajikistan and will only need to provide them for the exhibition period in Tajikistan and in the UK.

The ownership of collaborative works will be shared between the two artists, i.e. 50% of the works can be kept at your place and 50% at Kamalov’s.

To apply:


  • describe how you plan to combine your works with Olim Kamalov’s art – what techniques, what ideas, what materials (min. 150 words);
  • provide a link to your website/ your works or attach pictures;
  • propose dates for your visit to Tajikistan (up to 25 days between May and September 2018).

You can familiarize yourself with works of the artist Olim Kamalov here:

Please submit your applications via email to

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