ECG in Brussels and Berlin

On November 14 and 15, meetings of the Eurasian Creative Guild were held in Brussels and Berlin.

November 14 In Brussels, the meeting was held in conjunction with AidEx 2018. Already the 8th year, AidEx has been the leading platform for the international aid and development community to unite and increase aid effectiveness.

AidEx was created to help the international aid community engage the private sector in a neutral environment, stimulate innovation and support the ever-growing need for emergency assistance programs.

AidEx organizers proposed to hold VII Open Eurasian Literature Festival and Book Forum in 2019 in Brussels.

In Berlin, the meeting was held on November 15, within the next Kazakhstan Culture and Literature Forum. The forum was opened by the photo exhibition “Culture and Art of Kazakhstan” and the presentation of books by Kazakhstan authors.

Together with the vice-chairman of the Eurasian Creative Guild Marat Akhmedzhanov, 4 more Guild members spoke at the forum:

Saule Doszhan with the theme “Promotion of literature in Kazakhstan”
Daria Dzhumageldinova with the theme “Children’s book as an integral part of the nationwide cultural heritage”
Ulykbek Esdaulet with the theme “National Literature and Global Literary Process”
Alexandra Zenko (Sandra Wereli) with the theme “Literary and historical heritage of Kazakhstan in the works of modern writers and poets from Kazakhstan, living in Berlin and their role in the modern emigre literature of Russian-speaking writers”.

Forum was organized by National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Astana. The organizer of the forum was also the company ExpressPrint, which is a corporate member of the Guild.

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