The first in 2019 meeting of the guild in Tashkent

On March 1, a meeting of the Eurasian Creative Guild was held in Tashkent, in the building of Kitobsavdo.

Because of the Pakistani-Indian military actions, the plane on which the representative of the London office of the guild, Ainura Berdikul, flew to Tashkent, was delayed by 9 hours. In this connection, she could not personally hold a meeting.

Unfortunately, we had to move the time and place of the meeting, but no matter what, the meeting took place and more than 20 representatives of the creative intelligentsia of Uzbekistan were able to attend. .

The Eurasian Creative Guild (London) has been uniting thousands of creative people around the world for more than 3 years and has been working to ensure that more representatives of Uzbekistan take part in its projects. Guild meetings are held in 30 countries around the world every year at varying intervals, from every 2 weeks to once a year. We very much hope that Tashkent will also become a regular meeting place that will allow the whole world to learn about the creative potential of the country.

We want to express our deep gratitude to Venera Akhmedzhanova, who took the lead in holding the meeting, spoke about the guild, the Open Eurasia-2019 competition and answered to questions.

We thank our guild member and finalist of the Open Eurasia – 2018 competition – Zulhumar Kendjaeva, who attended the meeting, having come from another city and shared her creativity and impressions from the previous competition.

We thank Gulchiroi Narkabilova for her invaluable assistance in organizing the event.

And of course, we thank all those who, despite all the force majeure, still came and supported us!

The next guild meeting in Tashkent will be held in April 2019.

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