Eurasian Culture Week, 4 October

On October 4th, official participants of the Eurasian Culture Week actively got acquainted with the architecture, culture and history of Great Britain, visiting historical places in London. First, participants visited the British Library, which stores more than 170 million books, manuscripts, newspapers, magazines and etchings. They also visited the house museum of the famous writer, philosopher and humanist L. Ron Hubbarad on Fitzroy Street in London. Besides, a tea party was held with Sara Eicker, director of the museum.

In the evening, a panel discussion took place in Rossotrudnichestvo in central London about the upcoming release of the book “A Poetic Treasury from Belarus”, dedicated to the English poetess and cultural historian Vera Rich. In one book, the poetry of three great Belarusian poets Janka Kupala, Jakub Kolas, and Maksim Bahdanovich was collected. David Parry, Daniele H. Irandoost, Alison Cameron and Kapil Gupta participated in the discussion.

Meanwhile, the presentation of the ECG 2019 book series and the Hertfordshire Press was held by Angelina Krasnogir. The audience got familiar with such books as “True Paradise – Lost Paradise” by Gulsifat Shahidi, “The Guardsmen og Hippocrates” by Vladimir Tulinov, “The Kaganate” by Kanybek Imanaliev, “Sof’iny Nebesa, Ili Volshebniy Dar Gnomov” by Oksana Gordiyko and “I day mne Bog” by Alfred Engalychev.

The culmination of the fourth day was the gala concert and the performance of “Voices of Eurasia”, which featured musicians and writers Zhanna Kemp, Daria Robertson, Nadejda Nalivkina, John Farndon, Stephen Blunt, Nuryn Taibek and Aiya Maxutova.

“Peaks of Asia” exhibition is still open in London and Romford residents can’t get enough of it all day. The displayed works of artists and artisans from Central Asia are receiving positive reviews. Rossotrudnichestvo also hosted a separate exhibition for works from the collection “Peaks of Asia” and books printed by Hertfordshire Press.

We invite everyone on October 6th in Romford to the presentation of Caroline Walton’s book “My Cossack family” and Nurym Taibek’s  book “Love for all, hatred for none.” You will be able catch a sight of the oeuvre presented at the exhibition “Peaks of Asia” as well. In the evening programme, you will have a chance to enjoy a gala dinner and a theater performance by Orzu Arts.

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