Eurasian Culture Week, 6 October

The official closing of the Eurasian Culture Week in London!

October 6th was the final day of the Eurasian Culture Week and was filled with the most eventful and vibrant events.

The beginning of the day was marked by the presentation of Caroline Walton’s book “My Cossack Family”. Caroline Walton is an award-winning author of books about the countries of the former Soviet Union. In the book, she describes her personal experiences in Russia and Ukraine and question what people in the West can learn from these countries. She explores the spiritual qualities that allowed people to survive unimaginable difficulties in the twentieth century.

After the presentation of the book, all guests of the event were able to enjoy the art exhibition “Peaks of Asia”. The exhibition “Peaks of Asia” caused a real stir among the British residents, so it will last a few more days, despite the official closing of the Culture Week. Romford expects a new exhibition next year to immerse into the culture and painting of the countries of the Eurasian region.

In the afternoon, the Orzu Arts Theater hosted the presentation dedicated to Nurym Taibek’s (Eurasian Creative Guild member) book, “Love for all, hatred of no one”, which tells about the true meaning of life of Ahmadi Muslims. This is the first popular science publication that vividly and interestingly describes a religious phenomenon, which is the World Ahmadiy Movement in Islam.

At the end of the day, a traditional dinner and a certificate awarding ceremony were held for all official participants of the Culture Week. After that, the participants and guests were able to enjoy a theatrical performance by Orzu Arts, the first British Central Asian theater troupe promoting Central Asian stage art and folklore with British and international actors.

We would like to thank all the official partners of the Eurasian Culture Week for their support and assistance: Premiere Cinemas Romford, Orzu Arts Theater Bar, Rossotrudnichestvo London, The Center of Contemporary Art of Tajikistan, The Mercury Shopping Center and British-Kazakh Society.

We also want to express our sincere gratitude to Gulzada Hamra and Olesya Shibaeva for the invaluable help and support in conducting and organizing all the events throughout the six days of the Eurasian Culture Week.

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