Application for the prestigious British children`s literature competition is open!

«Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale».

Hans Christian Andersen

Literature is a separate art form that continues to feature prominently in the world. A special role is played by works addressed directly to young people. The most interesting things in world literature were picked up and multiplied by children’s imaginations, emotionality, and faith. We know hundreds of authors whose work has passed through time and remained not only on the lips but also left a mark in our hearts. And the «Open Eurasian Book Forum & Literature Festival» contest is ready to help become one of them!

The international competition «Open Eurasian Book Forum & Literature Festival» has been held since 2012. Over the eight years of its existence, the competition received more than 10 thousand applications from authors from different countries, different in age, nationality and what they write about. To support children’s literature in 2016, Maria Shevel’s award of $5000 was established. The aim of the award is to find and discover the new J K Rowling. The winner of this award will have a unique opportunity to sign a contract with the British publishing house Hertfordshire Press, to publish their book in London and present it at the annual international festival «Open Eurasian Literature Festival & Book Forum (OEBF)».

The competition «Open Eurasian Literature Festival & Book Forum (OEBF)» accepts works in Russian, English, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Tajik, Ukrainian, Romanian, Azerbaijani, Tatar, and Belarusian, which has not been previously published in English. The submission deadline is September 5, 2020. This year’s awards ceremony will be held in Madrid, Spain, in November as part of the 9th OEBF. The finalists of the competition will be able to come to the festival to introduce their works and get acquainted with the winners of the past years. Applications are accepted from all comers. More details about the terms of participation in the competition and festival are on the official website:

Children’s literature opens up the harmony between the past and the future, making you believe in the infinity of the creative possibilities of man. And the competition can become a step on your way to a worthy assessment of your creativity at the international level.

Laureates of the Maria Shevel`s award, who decided to send the work and published their books in England, in the homeland of such famous books like Harry Potter and Winnie the Pooh are:

Evdokiya Irintseeva / Ogdo
Yakutia (Russia)
«Menik the little Mammoth»

Kamran Salayev
«Elish and the Wicker Tales»

Arina Chunaeva
Moskow (Russia)
«Leia the Little Mouth»

Nadezhda Serebryannikova / Hope Silver
«Curious Things»

The “Open Eurasian Literature Festival & Book Forum” is an annual international open literature festival and forum bringing together poets, writers, artists, directors, artists, and creative people of all professions from the Eurasian region and from around the world. The festival and forum are based on the principle of openness and interaction of all arts based on literature, providing the opportunity to establish dialogue and communication within the literary and cultural space and providing the opportunity for authors to express themselves..

Maria Shevel is a Ukrainian architect (b. May 1st 1943). After graduation she departed for Central Asia to participate in the construction of the Toktogul hydroelectric power plant in Kyrgyzstan. Afterwards, in 1965, she began working under the direction of Sharf Rashidov’s personal administration team in the development of the Hungry Steppe and the architectural layout of Dzhizzak city in Uzbekistan. She received numerous state awards for her work, such as the Hero of Social Labour, Retired Worker and the Motherhood medal.

Eurasian Creative Guild (London) is a public non-profit organisation, a new meeting place for creative talents. As an actual and virtual association, the Guild generates a framework within which creative people from across the board can come together and discuss their work. Indeed, the Guild has already enlisted dozens of significant cultural figures from across the globe due to its proactive support for writers, musicians, illustrators, graphic designers, sculptors and poets along with anyone who considers themselves to be creative and is seeking promotion of their work around the globe and a mutually beneficial cooperation.

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