4th online meeting zoom on the topic “Feats of doctors and their reflection in art and literature”

Today was helded 4th online meeting on the topic “Feats of doctors and their reflection in art and literature”. It was the most international meeting of all the previous ones, it was attended by representatives from Russia, the USA, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Georgia, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Spain, Moldova, Israel, the United Kingdom, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus.
For almost 2 hours, the online conference held over 40 participants.

The first, according to tradition the chairman of the Guild – Marat Akhmedjanov shared everyone a brief presentation about the Guild itself and its active projects.
The moderator of the meeting was Aldona Grupas, a nurse, writer and member of the Guild. She kept everyone interested in the topic throughout the whole meeting and at the end she read a touching poem from her book “Sister, give me a pill for death”.

We express our deep gratitude to our speakers: Ravil Abdulov, Inna Mishina, Margarita Mikhailova, Lyudmila Dubkovetskaya, Nina Edwards, Galina Hartshorn, Natalya Arnautova, Aya Maksutova, Rima Bogatova, Irina Kuznetsulova, Tolku, Ankova Nadezhda Serebrennikova and, of course, our interns: Anastasia Savelyeva, Valeria Gogulan, Zhanyl Radinova and Ralina Iskakova.
We also want to say thank you for your time, creativity and just for your presence at the meeting.

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