Meeting of members of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) took place on the topic of viruses in the cinema

On May 6, an online meeting of members of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) took place on the topic of viruses in the cinema. It was a first meeting dedicated to the film industry. There’s no doubt that everything went amaizing: more than 30 participants from 5 countries of the world gathered together.

The first, according to tradition, the vice-chairman of the organization – Akhmedzhanov Marat Ismailovich talked about the activities of the Eurasian Creative Guild during the pandemic, he also presented projects planned for 2020.

The meeting was moderated by a Kazakh film director, screenwriter, member of the Guild – Talgad Zhanybekov. He not only talked but also showed trailers and even sang a song about the topic of movie viruses: why it is so popular and how it was reflected in his work.

Participant of the current intership such as: Angelina Krasnogir, Sanya Seilkhanova, Victoria Malyushitskaya, Yana Savelyeva and Daria Melnik shared their opinions on this topic, spoke about their favorite films, books, video games on the theme of the virus and post-apocalypse.

We whould like to thank: Khalida Akhmedzhanova – for an interesting presentation about viruses and women in art, Victoria Levin – for a review of the film “Odessa”: about finding the meaning of life in a closed space, Mikhail Ananov – for a very vivid reading of poems, Bek Muzmakhmatov and Ulugbek Sadybasasov – for their interesting speeches and everyone who took an active part in holding an event.

We are waiting for you on Wednesday, May 13. We will talk about the symbiosis of poetry and music in art with main moderator- Margarita Mikhailova.

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