On Oktober 31, the ECG Zoom meeting «The ECG Film Festival – FAQ» was held (in Russian)

On October 31 passed weekly zoom-meeting of Eurasian Creative Guild. This time the meeting was organized by the Film Industry Expert Council and was dedicated to the ECG Film Festival. The meeting was moderated by Elizaveta Belova, Executive Director of the Film Festival.

The first word was given to the speaker, Alla Damsker, jury member of the ECG Film Festival 2020 . Alla shared her impressions of the last festival, talked about her projects and gave advice to future participants in film festivals. “For me, cinema is, first of all, history. While evaluating films, I paid attention to the message, the story, the problems in it. Yes, cinema is moving pictures, it is something visual, but if there is no message under it, then the cinema will not catch on. Talk about what excites you and don’t talk about banal things. “

The winner of the Film Festival in the category “Best Documentary”, Tatiana Suchkova-Ladik, also spoke at the meeting. Her film “Bovsunny grannies” was selected by the jury as the best documentary. Tatiana spoke about the history of the film, the details of filming and expressed her opinion about the value of cinema. “Creativity should inspire, and on the other hand, it should turn everything inside, make you think about something.”

Then Irina Egorova, winner of the Audience Choice Award for the film “Round Horizon” about her father, artist Yuri Egorov, spoke. The film was highly acclaimed by the London audience during its screening. During her speech, Irina highlighted the topic of her film and expressed her attitude towards the film festival. “I was glad that my film was warmly received and appreciated. I fell in love with this film festival because there are no prejudices, no deliberate prizes and awards, everything is decided here and now on the basis of the submitted films ”.

In addition to Alla Damsker, another member of the jury, Gulfiya Sharipova, joined the meeting. Gulfia shared the advantages and opportunities that participation in the film festival gives. “The ECG Film Festival is an excellent platform to declare yourself on the European platform. This festival provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the Eurasian market, find new contacts. This is just a great opportunity for aspiring filmmakers and those looking to expand their creative environment.”

Also during the meeting, the moderator shared useful information about the film festival, announcing the start of the 2021 Film Festival. Also this year there is a new category “Mobile Video” and new awards for the winners. In addition, Elizaveta announced a New Year’s film quiz, which will begin very soon (follow the news through our social networks not to miss the opportunity to participate in the quiz).

The meeting was summed up by the Vice-President of the Eurasian Creative Guild, Marat Akhmedjanov. Marat Akhmedjanov thanked all the participants, told about the Film Festival, shared his impressions and future plans, projects of the Guild.

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Record of the meeting (RU)

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