The Final: new charity project of the Eurasian Creative Guild

2020 became a real test for all of us. That is why it is so important to create as many reasons as possible to believe in miracles and make good things for each other. That is why we are glad to introduce you our new charity project.

From the author:

“Hello there! My name is Daniel Akhmed, I’m 12 y.o. and I live in UK. I want to introduce my first comic book, The Final, created to support the fight against cancer.

My Comic “The Final” is dedicated to my Grandfather Ismoil Akhmedjanov who was affected by a rare type of cancer called Thyroid. He got this type of cancer from exposure to radiation. When he was in the military, he was sent to build in the Baikonur Cosmodrome to help launch the spacecraft that led Yuri Gagarin to go to space, to space! 

And a great achievement came with a price and back then they had no protective gear to shelter from the radiation from the rocket’s fuel. This was the reason my grandpa had Thyroid cancer which resulted in his death 3 years before I was born. I never got to see him. Let’s just say there is an uncanny similarity to the story beyond volume 1 of the final. It is why I want to raise money for charities that are beating cancer to help children, like me, to be able to know their grandparents and other relatives who have been affected with cancer of any type”.

If you are touched by this story, you can support this project on IndiegoGo>>>

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