Meeting with creative people of Saint-Petersburg!

The Eurasian Creative Guild continues its meetings with creative people across Eurasia!

There were two meetings on July 11, in St. Petersburg and Pavlovsk. In the meetings the Guild’s vice-president Marat Akhmedjanov presented projects of the year: IX and X OEBF, ECG Film Festival, Voices of Friends Festival, Eurasian Week of Culture, 38th issue of OCA magazine and its special issue OCA people, as well as new books by Guild members and authors of Hertfordshire Press.

There also were presented the certificates of individual membership to Natalia Lukianova, Nadezhda Pudova and sisters Irina and Elena Kroitor.
It’s important to mention, that a member of the Guild Gumer Karimov was awarded the highest award from the International Public Association “Generals of the World for Peace” – the “Peace Dove” medal for the best work dedicated to the theme of strengthening peace, friendship and mutual understanding between peoples.

Zhanna Shvydkaya became another laureate of the 2nd place in the “Short Prose” category in IX OEBF and was awarded an appreciation certificate.

The participants of the meetings were: Vladimir Ivanov, Anton Farutin, Natalia Lukianova, Antonina Karimova, Zhanna Shvydkaya, Maria Priznyakova, Natasha Boginya, Irina Croitor, Lyudmila Vasilchishina, Nina Nikiforova, Natalya Luneva, Nadezhda Pudova, Ella Tsyplyakova, Lyudmila , Gumer Karimov, Igor Kosovskikh, Alexander Leppik and Agniya Romanova.

The Eurasian Creative Guild presented its books to the Pavlovsk library, in a cozy atmosphere of which one of the meetings was held.
All the participants actively asked questions about the Guild’s projects, led a lively discussion and shared their impressions and experiences.

We are waiting for you at the meeting of the Guild in your city!

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