The comic book was created by Timur Akhmedjanov (UK) on the basis of the original work of the child psychiatrist Kamran Salaev (Azerbaijan) and introduces us to a boy named Elish. A boy who finds it difficult to interact with people around him. He likes to be alone and weave. But no one around him understands him or his hobbies.

Elish and his behavior are a reflection of all children with autism. The purpose of the novel is to draw attention to this topic through a book and form a new tolerant view of society on people with ASD (autism).

A charity project to publish a graphic novel and support organizations that help these special children was launched by the British organization Eurasian Creative Guild (London) in 2020. The project turned out to be so popular that, following the original edition in English, the novel is currently being printed in different languages and under different covers.

The first Russian-language edition of the comic was published by the Literary Agency “Large Print” and the first copies immediately found their readers.

The literary agency “Large Print” represented by its director Kristina Biktasheva, met with members of the Association of Parents of Children with ASD “Autism. Astrakhan” on 18th of November, 2021. The meeting took place at the Scarlet Sails Development Centre for Children and Adolescents. The children and their parents were the first to see the newly printed comic book and dive into the world of the magic adventures of Elish boy.

The project’s inspirer, founder of the Hertfordshire Press publishing house, vice chairman of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) Marat Akhmedjanov and ECG (London) executive director Taina Kaunis also joined the presentation, as well as video messages from comic book author Timur Akhmedjanov and creator of the original story Kamran Salaev.

Kristina Biktasheva gave to the association copies of the novel, a certificate for charitable assistance from the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) and art materials (albums, pencils, paints, brushes) from the Literary Agency “Large Print”.

Soon we hope to release a comic book in Kyrgyz, Kazakh and Ukrainian, as well as other language versions.

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