The First presentation of the Voices of Friends: Poetry & Art Almanac

The first official presentation of a long-awaited poetical almanac, “Voices of friends – 2023,” took place on 20th February in the hospitable venue of Yunus Emre Institute in the centre of London. The announcement of the release of this wonderful poetry and visual art collection was met with warm applause, and the whole evening was held in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

The official part was traditionally opened by the head of the publishing house Hertfordshire press and ECG Vice Chairman Marat Akhmedjanov. He congratulated all present on such a significant cultural event, which the almanac release is like. The meeting was truly filled with poetry. Sebastian Dunn, John Farndon, Sahail Loun, Sabina Dye, Sarah Ekker, Adam Siemienczyk, and Marta Brassart read their poems.

Also, Nurym Taibek made a presentation of his book. He, Raza Syed, and Sahail Loun were awarded certificates of Guild members. After the official part, Marat Akhmedjanov shared the Guild plans for the year and announced two art festivals: Voices of Friends: Poetry and Art and Eurasian Film Festival.

Apart from the permanent Guild members, there were interested in poetry and art guests and representatives of the Embassy of Belarus in the United Kingdom and the Embassy of Tajikistan in the United Kingdom. In total, more than twenty people gathered for the creative meeting.
We can only wish – to let the voices of friends be heard more often at meetings, eyes shine brighter, and smiles warm our hearts.

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