Meeting with artist-miniaturist from Tajikistan Olim Kamalov at the Rossotrudnichestvo office in London

At the Rossotrudnichestvo office in London was a meeting with a well-known miniaturist from Tajikistan, Olim Kamalov.

Olim Kamalov is one of the few miniaturists in Tajikistan. Kamalov’s works demonstrate his specific understanding of Persian miniature classical art. The unique beauty of the miniature comes from exquisite lines, glitter and soft colors, as well as a complex but harmonious arrangement of details.

Currently, Olim Kamalov works at the “Mino” Art Center and his personal art gallery in Dushanbe, where he teaches the basics of miniature art to a new generation in the hope that some of them will continue to pursue this direction. A number of works by Olim’s students were presented to the guests of the meeting.

Kamalov’s works of art were represented in many European, Asian and African countries. Six miniatures were selected by the British Museum and will be exhibited in a special exposition in the spring of 2018.

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