Presentation of ECG Film Festival in Moscow

On February 3, in Moscow passed a meeting of the Eurasian Creative Guild at which First Eurasian Film Festival in London – ECG Film Festival was presented.

It was one of the most attended meetings, where many musical and literary performances of the guild members and the guests of the event came. We want to thank everyone who came and gave a speech, it was an unforgettable evening of creativity in a beautiful place called Travel Cafe.

The issue of organizing an art and jewelry exhibition with the support of the ECG in March 2019 in Moscow was also discussed at the meeting. Soon,  we will share with you the details of the exhibition and the conditions of participation.

At this meeting joined us:

  • Alexey Maslov
  • Ilona Yankovskaya
  • Elena Izyumskaya
  • Yuri Sinikh
  • Grigory Movshits

Welcome to our community, friends! We hope that joining the Guild will give you an impetus to the realization of all your projects and opening new doors for you!

We also want to congratulate a new member of the guild, who became an ambassador of the Eurasian Creative Guild in Moscow – Grigory Movshits .

And, of course, to thank Artem Dudnikov, our regional guild administrator in Moscow, for his monthly meetings with the most creative and active people in Moscow and his invaluable contribution to the work of the ECG.

The guests of the evening listened to poems by Azerbaijani poetess Leyla Aliyeva, which was performed by a talented singer Ilona Yankovskaya. We would like to note that collection of poems by Leyla Aliyeva called “ The World Dissolves, like a Dream” was released by Hertfordshire Press.

At the end of the meeting a book of the member of Guild from Lithuania Aldona Grupus named  “Sister, give me a pill for death“ was presented in Russian and English language.

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