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Annual program

Every author is taken with the idea of the success of his book, but how can it be measured? Of course, support of family and friends, feedbacks on Facebook can also inspire, but when it comes to global or commercial success it is not enough to be famous on social networks or to have an official awards from creative unions or government organizations. To date, the only effective method that can evaluate and confirm the relevance of your work is the Amazon rating.

The rating level changes every month depending on the number of books sold and reader reviews. The higher the rating, the more the book falls into the Amazon rotation and accordingly the more copies are sold. Many publishing houses and literary agents look at the rating of the author’s books when they decide whether to start cooperation with the author. Also, at literary contests and festivals a jury of international competitions often takes this rating into account when making decisions.

It is well-known, Amazon –  is the world’s largest company in terms of sales of books, goods and services sold over the Internet and is one of the first Internet services focused on selling real consumer goods. That is why today improving the rating and promoting products on this site has become more relevant than ever before. In 2017 in the United States Amazon has sold 312 million printed books or 45% of all printed books that makes Amazon the most effective book distributor in the world.

About the program

The annual nomination “The Best Literary Critic of the ECG” provides a unique opportunity for everyone to deliver on their potential as a literary critic, support authors and get a chance to become the owner of a prestigious award. This program is aimed not at standardized writing reviews, but at publishing reviews on the world-famous Amazon site to improve the author’s book rating and increase books sales.

* it is not necessary to have a membership of the Eurasian Creative Guild


  • Be an authorized Amazon user and have a personal account
  • Buy a book Saule Doszhan  THE TRAGEDY OF A BASTARD
  • Leave your review in English
  • Fill in the application form


  • All program participants will be automatically paid for Individual membership in the Eurasian Creative Guild *
  • All participants will receive an official ECG literary critic badge (London)
  • According to the results of the annual program, at the Literary Week in London will be presented the Best literature of the year (individually for each book of the author participating in this program), who will receive an exclusive gold medal.

First participant of the program “The best literary critic of the year ECG”

Book “The tragedy of a bastard”

by Saule Doszhan (Author)

ISBN: 978-1910886892

Amazon.co.uk , Amazon.com

Saule Doszhan’s short story, THE TRAGEDY OF A BASTARD, treads recognisable territory for us Europeans, even though the plot is placed in present-day Kazakhstan; a land faraway from our conceptual, not to mention socio-historical, spheres. Admittedly, some of Doszhan’s moral assumptions read a little strangely, although the intrigues and pressures of extended familial obligation amid a family at clear war with free emotive choice, speaks volumes across our globe.

About the Author

Saule Doszhan, a talented poet, and a popular writer was born on September 2, 1959 in Almaty Region. Her poems and articles started publishing in the regional newspaper in 1974. Her University background – the Kazakh State University “Journalism” (1987) and “Law” the Central Asian University (2006). Being a student, she entered the collection of young poets “Audience”, “Nine Keys”, “Karlygash”. She gained a big experience as a reporter-journalist, editor, senior officer in the following fields: “Socialist Kazakhstan (Egemen Kazakhstan)” newspaper; the Kazakh radio;”Kazakh language and literature” newspaper; the “Ulagat” magazine; Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


We invite all authors who has published through the ECG Book / Academic Series or Hertfordshire Press to participate in this program. For more information about participation in the program, contact the following email address: angelina@ocamagazine.com

After reading the letter, please forward your response to the following email: angelina@ocamagazine.com

Additional Information

The Eurasian Creative Guild (London) is a public non-profit organisation, a new meeting place for creative talents. As an actual and virtual association, the Guild generates a framework within which creative people from across the board can come together and discuss their work. Indeed, the Guild has already enlisted dozens of significant cultural figures from across the globe due to its proactive support for writers, musicians, illustrators, graphic designers, sculptors and poets along with anyone who considers themselves to be creative and is seeking promotion of their work around the globe and mutually beneficial cooperation. Today the Eurasian Creative Guild is an international non-profit organisation with headquarters in London, that is open for all like-minded people, inviting participation in activities and events in a role that everyone determines for themselves: as a member of the Guild; in the role of participant or as a sponsor of events and projects.

* If a member of the Guild takes part in the program who has a membership fee, then his duty is automatically closed at the expense of the program.


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