The Eurasian Creative Guild supports the Serbian Library in London

This Saturday, February 23, the Mini Book Fair 2019 event took place at The Serbian Library in London.

The Annual Mini Book Fair was organised by The Serbian Library in London at Fulham Library which has been the home of the Serbian collection of books since 2010. The main goal is popularise Serbian literature in both languages: Serbian and English.

This book fair provides an opportunity to present the latest achievements in the fields of prose literature and poetry and to introduce the authors. Famous Serbian, British and international authors have presented their published works, TV shows and presentations of their books. All conversations were held at the table with authors and media representatives.

The guests of the event were the following authors: Jessica d’Este poet, Dr Predrag Slijepčević scientist, author of popular science books and Dr David Norris a prominent academic lecturer and author of history and the Serbian language books.

There was also a bright round-table discussion on various influences on culture and, in particular, on the Serbian cultural scene. There were invited participants from the media, authors, scholars and publishers.

The following guests participated in the round table: 
Round Table Panellists  
* Sonja Besford ASWA (Association of Serbian Writers and Artists)
* Svetlana Meiehofer (Director ARTEM Magazine)
* Marko Gašić (Historian and participant in the UK media talks about Serbia)
* Dr David Norris (an expert in Serbo-Croatian language and literature and the regional culture)
* Mirjana Lazić (Serbo-Croatian teacher)
* Nikola Čobić (Poetry and Publishing)
* Vesna Petković (Moderator)

During the mini-book fair, books in Serbian and English were sold, as well as used books in English.

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