Academic Series – 2019

ECG Academic Book Series 2019

The ECG Academic Book Series opens the door to authors specializing in all fields of science. The publication of your work as part of the series is a significant step towards cooperation with the international scientific assembly. You have a unique opportunity to know how relevant your work is to the world reader. One of the goals for the British publisher is to popularize Eurasian scientific thought around the world.

Cambridge International Press takes an example from the oldest universities in the UK and puts quality and professionalism above all else. The main specialization of the publishing house is the publication of educational works, textbooks and scientific books. In 2018, a London-based company announced its new project together with the Eurasian Creative Guild – the academic book series ECG. 5 popular science books of Guild members have already been published and presented with the help of the project.

Your scientific work will be published in the world capital, London, by a team of specialists who have published such writers as Orazaly Sabden (Kazakhstan), Robert White (Great Britain), Yuri Sigov (USA), Gerold Berger (Kazakhstan), Salima Kunanbaeva (Kazakhstan), Marinika Babanazarova (Uzbekistan), Fakhridin Veysali (Azerbaijan), Nurym Taybek (Great Britain), Nadezhda Kolyshkina (Russia), Bakhyt Rustemov (Kazakhstan), Gulnara Kapanova (Kazakhstan) and many others. The authors also have the opportunity to present their work to leading world universities, politicians and researchers of international organizations.

Your publication will never disappear from the shelves of the human race, it will be assigned with the British ISBN, the international standard book number with which your readers will be able to find out information about the publication on Internet and make orders. You can also control sales. Cambridge International Press provides authors with the opportunity to put your work in the world’s second largest book depository – the British Library and Legal Deposit – a repository of copyright books.

The publishing house will post your work on Amazon’s largest online trading website, where millions of various goods are sold and bought daily. Online stores in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, the UK and America will replenish with copies of your masterpiece.

The author will be paid royalties in the amount of -20% of the funds received by the publisher for each book sold.

The book can be published in both soft and hardcover.

Paperback options:                            

– Color cover, uniform for the entire series

– Volume – 120 pages, (up to 25,000 words)

– Format – 203 x 127 mm

– Indoor unit – b / w

– The author will be given 15 books *

– Book production time from 3 months

The price of publishing a softcover book is 2,495 British pounds. For members of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) a 25% discount is provided. The cost of the publication will be 1875 British pounds.

Hardcover edition options:

– Color cover, uniform for the entire series

– Volume – 120 pages, (up to 25,000 words)

– Format – 203 x 127 mm

– Indoor unit – b / w

– The author will be given 15 copies *

– Book production time: from 3 to 9 months

The cost of publishing a hardback book is 3,495 British pounds.

Guild members receive a 25% discount. The cost of the publication will be 2620 British pounds.

Previously, all manuscripts are approved by the editorial board. The book is printed in the original edition with the provision of ready-made text according to the submitted template.

The publication price includes – an edition named Cambridge International Press, the British ISBN, organizing the availability and sale of books on print-on-demand technology with the possibility of placing books in online stores around the world, including the Amazon website with payment of royalties – 20 percent of the funds received, printing and sending books to the author, sending obligatory copies to the British Library and the copyright deposit storage and protection fund Legal Deposit, presentation of book in meetings of the Guild, posting information on the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) website, social networks of the Guild and in the quarterly British magazine “Open Central Asia”.

Additional opportunities:

– possibility of choosing the binding of the publication;

– make an individual cover design with the name of the publishing house;

– increase the circulation of the publication;

– purchase additional copies;

– increase the volume of the book.


Individual cover (with guild logo) – from 150 to 250 pounds

Additional copies of books – the cost of 1 book in soft costs 9.95 pounds, in hard 17.50 pounds (the cost may vary depending on the number of additional pages)

Proofreading – from 2-15 pounds per page depending on the complexity of the text

English translation from 30 to 150 pounds per 1000 words depending on the complexity of the text

Newsletter to universities, educational institutions and libraries: in Europe – 25 pounds per copy, worldwide (ROW) – 35 pounds per copy.

Additional pages – it is possible to increase the volume of the book. The cost for each additional page is 5 pounds.

Color Pages – 450 pounds with a 35% RRP increase

Professional layout – 1-5 pounds per page depending on the complexity of the text

Offset circulation from 500 copies (cost is negotiated individually)

Documents required for publication:

Information about the author up to 100 words in Russian and English

Synopsis (promo text) for the back cover of the book (100-150 words)

Photo of the author in good quality Russian and English

Work in Word format (up to 23,000 words)

All documents must be sent to

* Includes book delivery by mail to the author (up to 2 kg), extra weight is 11 pounds per kilogram. Customs clearance and paperwork is at the expense of the recipient.

If you have any questions, we will be glad to answer.

Application deadline is August 1, 2019.

Works sent before January 31, 2019 will be presented at Cambridge University, works sent AFTER January 31, 2019 will be presented as part of the 8th Open Eurasian Literature Festival-2018.

If you are interested in this project, please fill out the form:


Contact details: Email:

Tel: +44 7411 978 955


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