Program of 8 OEBF Literary Festival 2019 Brussels

VIII Open Eurasian Book Forum and Literature Festival 2019 by Eurasian Creative Guild and Hertfordshire Press with AIDEX

Provisional Programme OEBF-2019:

13/11/2019                                                                                 Wednesday

14.00: Registration of Participants/ for participants and guests 

16:00: Opening of the exhibition of artists OEBF – 2019: Olesiya Shibaeva (Moldova), Gulzada Hamra (Kyrgyzstan), Emil Guzairov (Russia), Umithan Ataniyazova (Uzbekistan), Ravil Abdulov (Kazakhstan), Akhmetzhan Akhatbakiyev (Kazakhstan) and  Peaks of Asia (Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan) 

18:00: Humanitarian Hero award ceremony and drinks at AIDEX 2019/ for speakers and  official participants only

Venue: Brussels Expo Hall 11, Place de Belgique 1, 1020 Bruxelles, Belgium 

14/11/2019                                                                                     Thursday

09.00-17:00: Art Exhibition OEBF – 2019, Olesiya Shibaeva (Moldova), Gulzada Hamra (Kyrgyzstan), Emil Guzairov (Russian Federation), Umithan Ataniyazova (Uzbekistan), Ravil Abdulov (Kazakhstan), Akhmetzhan Akhatbakiyev (Kazakhstan) and  Peaks of Asia (Almagul Yesimova, Abay Chunchalinov, Elena Fursa, Bakytnur Burdesbekov, Asia Bekisheva, Lora Pak, Adilgali Bayandin, Smakova Bibigul)/ free entry 

10:00 – 10:45  Opening Ceremony dedicated to Abai 175th Anniversary: Speakers: Jonathan Fryer, Marat Akhmedjanov, Stephen M. Bland, Bakhtygul Makhanbetova/ free entry/  Auditorium 2 

10:50 – 11:35 Talk in memory of Chingiz Aytmatov: Taking Oscar Wilde to Central Asia Jonathan Fryer draws parallels between the work of Wilde and that of the Kyrgyz writer, Chinghiz Aitmatov (1928-2008). This may seem surprising, but all will be revealed.

Guest speakers: Jonathan Fryer, Gulsifat Shahidi, Stephen M. Bland, Nurym Taibek/ free entry/ Auditorium 1

12.00: Exhibition Tour in Aidex/ location: Aidex Brussels, Esplanade, 1020 Bruxelles, Belgium, free entry

13.00: Networking Lunch OEBF and AIDEX participants/ by invitation only

Venue: Brussels Expo Hall 11, Place de Belgique 1, 1020 Bruxelles, Belgium 

15/11/2019                                                                                          Friday

Open Eurasia – 2018 contest winners roadshow 

11:00 – 11:15 ECG Book Series 2019 presentation: Eurasian Literature roadshow presenting new books of the ECG 2019:  Vladimir Tulinov ‘The Guardsmen of Hippocrates,’ Kanybek Imanaliev ‘The Kaganate,’ and Alfred Engalychev ‘I day mne Bog.’

11:15-11:45 Gulsifat Shahidi (Tajikistan) with Stephen Bland: (Best translation, Irina Drofa Award) 

Gulsifat Shahidi began her career working in the Tajik branch of MGTRK Mir, editor-in-chief of radio and television. Her work was published in the print media of Tajikistan and Russia. Her works include the storybook “Tales of Grandma Gulsifat,” the storybook “Neighbors,” and the scientific essay “Sentimental Journey,” published in Tajik, Russian, and English. 

11:45-12:05  Oksana Gordiyko (Poland -Ukraine):  (Best film, Nemat Kelimbetov Award)

Oksana Gordiyko – journalist, Writer and Director of Documentary Films, Artist. Oksana is the Repeated winner of All-Ukrainian and international competitions and festivals of television and radio programs, among which 2 place at the International Festival “Kalinowa Wyspa – 2010” (Olsztyn, Polska) – the program “Being European”; 1st place at the VII International Festival “Winning Together” (Yalta, Crimea) 2011. – radio film “Shake”. Since 2012, Oksana begins to paint and in recent years she has created more than 100 paintings, many of which are in private collections in Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine and Russia.

12:05-12:20  Arina Chunaeva: (Russia) with Stephen Bland: (Best children’s work,  Maria Shevel Award)

For the past two years, Arina Chunaeva has been writing scripts for Russian cartoons: «Фиксики», «Летающие звери», «Машинки». Arina wrote her first children’s book about Mouse Leah, published by the British publisher Hertfordshire Press. In the past – a psychologist, and now a screenwriter, journalist and writer. All of her current work is for children and about children.

12:20-12:35 – Lyudmila Dubkovetskaya: (Moldova) with John Farndon,  (Best female work, Marzya Zakiryanova Award)

Lyudmila Dubkovetskaya – Member of the Union of Writers of Moldova named after A.S. Pushkin, a member of the Union of Writers, Art Critics and Critics of Russia “Титул”. Since 1995, poems and stories have been published on the pages of district newspapers of Chisinau, and are also included in the collective collections of poets from Moldova, Russia and the CIS. In 2011, the first personal collection of poems and short stories “Polar Star” was released. She was awarded the Golden Pen diploma, nominee for the Sweet Kingdom contest for the children’s book, and winner of the Poetry for People poetry contest.

12:35-13:15 – Coffee break

13:15-13:55 – Editor Talk by Alan Flowers:  A POETIC TREASURY FROM BELARUS “A celebration of the life and work of Vera Rich”. 

In this adventurous poetic treasury, three remarkable wordsmiths from Belarus are further introduced to specialists and general anglophone readers alike. A feat only realisable, possibly, through the outstanding vision and almost legendry skills of translator, journalist, songsmith and cultural historian, Vera Rich. Indeed, her insightful, pioneering, work on the potent and stirring verses of Janka Kupala – the bard and prophet of Belarusian letters, is herein accompanied by subtle interpretations of Jakub Kolas as the wry observer of Belarusian customs, along with Maksim Bahdanovich as its experimental, sophisticated and lyrical literary moderniser. Each fearless poet, in turn, constructing the very foundations upon which contemporary Belarusian literature is built. And as such, this proud collection of captivating poetry from a uniquely gifted nation truly celebrates the achievements of an astonishing lady.

14:00-14:50  Talk by Josephine (Berkinalieva Sagynbүby, Kyrgyzstan): Girl dancing in the sky  

About the author: ‘Member of the Writers’ Union of Kyrgyzstan since 2014 Very interested in opera classical works, from time to time I am fond of singing operas. And also performed on stages repeatedly and expressively read verses of Kyrgyz poets. Published works: 1) “Chan Baskan Barak” (Leaf covered with dust) poetry collection S. Berkinalieva – 2014. Poetic work included in the general collections of poems: 2)”Kyzdar ay” Poetic collection of poems of the literary circle. Publishing House “Velikye gory”(Great mountains), 2014 3) “Posvyashcheniye poetu Turaru” (Dedication to the poet Turar) Bishkek, 2015. 3)”Jolongo er deste” (Dedication to the poet Zholon) Publishing house Osoo Gulchynar, 2015. 

15:00 – 16:00 John Farndon Talk: Brings to life in English some of the best poetry from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Yakutia, Tatarstan and Russia.

John Farndon is a best-selling author of non-fiction books, a playwright, poet, composer and translator. His translations of poetry for the Uzbek author Hamid Ismailov’s ‘The Devil’s  Dance’ helped it win the European Bank RD Literary Prize 2019. His translation of Kazakh author Rollan Seisenbaev’s ‘The Dead Wander in the Desert’ has just been released by Amazon Crossing. He is accompanied by Anthony Cable, singing the songs of Vysotsky in English.
Venue: Boulevard de Waterloo, 101-103 Bruxelles, 1000 / free attendance

16:00-17:00  Talk by Nurym Taibek, Editor, Russian Service, Worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community: Rational Religion Initiative to Unite Humanity Into One Family To Save It from Wars and Self-Annihilation

Nurym Taibek – the author of dozens of scientific publications on philosophy, appeared in the media dozens of times (TV, press, radio, including the BBC), had successful experience in upholding human rights and freedoms, writing effective letters to the country’s authorities. Simultaneous and written translation expert, including for USAID, chief editor of WSJ Canada, Baker & McKenzie, CISCO.

Ahmadiyya Community’s Rational Religion Initiative fills the void in between all the “mainstream” and “unorthodox” belief and worldview systems and unties the knots of contradictions with a spirit of “Love for All, Hatred for None” and unites the whole humankind into a true global family

Venue: Boulevard de Waterloo, 101-103 Bruxelles, 1000 / free attendance


18:00 Tour (dinner) to the Ahmadiyya Mosque / free event

Venue: Bait-ul-Mujeeb Mosque, Chaussée d’Alsemberg 1210 – 1180 Uccle Bruxelles 

16/11/2019                                                                                       Saturday

10:00 – 19:00: Exhibition of Eurasian Artists in the museum dedicated to  L. Ron Hubbard

10:00-14:00 Voices of Eurasia: moderated by with Stephen Bland:  presentations by Open Eurasia 2019 finalists (official participants)/ free entry

14:00 – 15:00 ECG Annual Board Meeting with participation of board members: Marat Akhmedjanov, John Farndon, Oksana Zhukova, Yelena Bezrukova, Yelena Aslanyan,Gulsifat Shahidi, Anastasia Kuzmicheva and others/ lunch/ for individual members, official participants and speakers only (not for contestants)

15:00 – 15:45  Masterclass by Elena Bezrukova (Kazakhstan, Musienko) master class “Training communications for creative people.” Purpose: to see resources for the world to present their creative abilities and results. All participants will receive certificates from the Elena Bezrukova Center. 

“Communication training for creative people” is intended for creative people of any profession. At the training, participants will see what communication processes occur during the formation of creativity and presentation to the world, what obstacles arise during this period, and how to overcome them. This training was specifically designed for members of the Eurasian Creative Guild. Successfully held in Bishkek, Almaty.

Elena Bezrukova – PhD in Psychology, Doctor of PhD, business trainer, author of more than 20 books and teaching aids, including restaurant business and personnel management. Organizer and owner of the Center, Elena Bezrukova, leading business coach, coach, practicing psychologist. Member ETG Advisory Board. The author of more than 25 books on the psychology of the profession and career development. The author of projective graphics, graflevist. Writer. The speaker of international venues. Graphic works and books were presented in London, Moscow, Stockholm, Minsk, Bishkek, Nur-Sultan, Almaty.

15:45 – 16:30 TBC Masterclass by Emil Guzairov (Russia, writer, architect, designer)

Emil is interested in graphics, painting, architecture, graphic design, and book engineering, and also designs interiors and private homes. Emil draws illustrations, draws up and publishes, in limited editions, copyrighted books in the genre of “The Book of the Artist” and “Book Art”.

16:30 – 17:00 Author talk by Yevgeniya Sikhimbayeva: presentation of the book “Keanu Reeves: Unfinished Portrait. Part 1”

The protagonist of the book is the actor, director and producer Keanu Reeves. His real social biography and success story serves as the basis for describing his spiritual path. The plot develops along two parallel lines. The first is an external well-known biography and filmography, the second is the realization of his spiritual fate. The emphasis is precisely on this second half of the biography, as the story of a completely free person living his own spiritual life, without regard to generally accepted stereotypes and patterns.

Yevgeniya Sikhimbayeva — first child from 4 in a multinational family delivered in Almaty City, Kazakhstan. Loves to study, read, travel and… laugh. Studied in various educational institutions such as Diplomatic Academy of London, UCL, etc., where she had been called by native speakers with a short and friendly name “Jane”. Nowadays she runs various businesses, raising a daughter. Her hobby is to produce and implement the ideas which make this world a better place to live in. Owner of the “Keanu Reeves’ News” group on a Facebook and channel “To Keanu with respect” on the Youtube.

17:00 – 18:00 Author Talk by Stephen M. Bland: The award-winning author and journalist, Stephen M.Bland will be presenting a speech entitled: Dictators, Devastation and Dadaism: From Uzbekistan’s Desert of Forbidden Art to Armenia’s Forgotten People. 

Stephen M. Bland – a freelance journalist, award-winning author and travel writer specialising in Central Asia, the Caucasus and South-East Asia, Stephen M. Bland’s articles have appeared in numerous publications including Vice, The Diplomat, Motherboard and EurasiaNet.

18:0019:00:  Nick Rowan (UK) Book Launch (Silk Road) 

Nick Rowan is interested in Central Asia, the editor-in-chief of OCA magazine (London), author of Friendly Steppes: A Silk Road Journey, in which the author talks about his adventures and journeys along the Silk Road. A graduate of Oxford University, currently working in the oil industry for Shell in London.

19:00Аward Ceremony for the winners of the Open Eurasia 2019 Contest modretaed by Marat Akhmedjanov and John Farndon/ only for speakers and official participants) 

Venue: Boulevard de Waterloo, 101-103 Bruxelles, 1000

17/11/2019                                                                                        Sunday

10:00 – 19:00: Exhibition of Eurasian Artists in the museum dedicated to  L. Ron Hubbard

10:00 – 18:00Visit to France (city of Lille)**** 

Venue: Boulevard de Waterloo, 101-103 Bruxelles, 1000

**** transportation at participants own expense (approximate cost 40€)

*****  extra guests In case of available seats and additional payment for dinner of 100 Euros per person

OEBF 2019 Awards

16/11/2019 Brussels

Literature Grant, OEBF for first place from Hertfordshire Press

Award named after Nemat Kelimbetov for the best short film  (TBC)                                                   

Award named after Marziya Zakiriyanova for the best female writer                                                                       

Award named after Mariya Shevel for the best children’s fairy tale                                                                                  

Diploma ‘Generals of the World for Peace’ for the best work which promotes peace 

‘Butterfly’s Song’ Award for first place in Poetry, established by the Yermek Amanshayev 

‘Live Line’ Award for the best illustration, established by Adam Kapanov

“BelRos” Award for the “Literary translation”, established by Oleg Nesterkov                                                     

ECG award for achievements in the promotion of Eurasian Literature       

Participants, guests and speakers:*

  1. Sultan Rayev (Kyrgyzstan)
  2. Yelena Bezrukova (Kazakhstan) – speaker
  3. Yermek Amanshayev (Kazakhstan)*
  4. Gulsifat Shakhidi (Tajikistan) – speaker
  5. Kairat Zakiriyanov (Kazakhstan)
  6. Nastasiya Kuzmicheva (Belarus)
  7. Sergey Molokovskiy (Belarus)
  8. Mark (Marat) Akhmedjanov (UK – Uzbekistan)  – organizer
  9. Adam Kapanov (Kazakhstan) 
  10.  Narkabilov Narkuchkar (Uzbekistan)*
  11.  Zhukova Oksana (Ukraine, Russia) 
  12.  Lenar Shaekh (Russia) -official participant
  13.  Stephen M. Bland (UK) – speaker
  14. Marina Markina (Russia) – spectator
  15. Anastasija Daugule (Ukraine) – spectator
  16. Jurakhon Mamatov (Tajikistan) – spectator
  17. Arkadij Frejdlin (Czech) – spectator
  18. Yerkin Kaliyev (Kazakhstan) – spectator
  19. Jelena Rasevska (Latvian) – spectator
  20. Valeri Markine (Netherlands) – spectator
  21. Khalidia Akhmedzhanova (Crimea) – spectator
  22. Zhanna Shvydkaya (Russia) – spectator
  23. Yelena Aslanyan (Armenia) – spectator
  24. Gayane  Aslanyan (Armenia) – spectator
  25. Olga Marusina (Belgium) – spectator
  26. Atabek Atabekov (Uzbekistan) – spectator
  27. Arina Chunaeva (Russia) – speaker
  28. Marina Podlesnaia (Moldova) – spectator
  29. Bakhtygul Makhanbetova(Kazakhstan) – spectator
  30. Larissa Pushina (Russia) – spectator
  31. Andrei Zapsa (Moldova) – spectator
  32. Antonina Karimova (Russia) – spectator
  33. Aktuigun  Pazylova (Kyrgyzstan) – spectator
  34. Bobur Jalolov (Uzbekistan) – spectator
  35. Umitkhan Ataniyazova (Uzbekistan) – spectator
  36. Tatiana  Sereda (Belgium) – spectator
  37. Tatiana Raskazova (Russia) – spectator
  38. Roumiana Karapetrova (Bulgarian) – spectator
  39. Hasanov Masar (Azerbaijan) –  official participant
  40. Chalabayeva Zhanna (Kazakhstan) –  official participant
  41. Ussenaliyeva Aizhan (Kazakhstan) –  official participant
  42. Kurbanov Leonid (Russia)  – official participant
  43. Dubcovetcaia Ludmila (Moldova) – speaker
  44. Curocichin Alexandr (Moldova) –  official participant
  45. Myshev Iurii (Russia) –  official participant
  46. Kabylgazina Klara (Kazakhstan) –  official participant
  47. Yskakuly Danday (Kazakhstan) –  official participant
  48. Minayeva Tatyana (Ukraine) –  official participant
  49. Karimov Gumer (Russia) –  official participant
  50. Jurčová Timea (Slovakia) –  official participant
  51. İspəndiyarova Əfsanə (Azerbaijan) –  official participant
  52. Guzairov Emil (Russia) – exhibition
  53. Ataniyazova Umithan  (Uzbekistan) – exhibition
  54. Abdulov  Ravil (Kazakhstan) – exhibition
  55. Akhatbakiyev Akhmetzhan (Kazakhstan) – exhibition
  56. Мambetsadykova Gulnar (Kyrgyzstan) – spectator
  57. Gordiiko Oksana (Poland) – speaker
  58. Zhunushov Kanybek (Kyrgyzstan) – speaker
  59. Taibek Nurym (Kazakhstan-UK) – speaker
  60. Leshkevich Tatiana (Russia) – speaker
  61. Lana Timofeeva (Belarus) –  official participant
  62. Aldona Grupas (Lithuania -UK) –  official participant
  63. Fazolat Karamshoeva (Tajikistan) –  official participant
  64. Anna Schneider (Russia) –  official participant
  65. Mikhail Kunitski (Belarus) –  official participant
  66. Ekaterina Khlebnikova (Russia) –  official participant
  67. Nishanova Dilorom (USA -Uzbekistan) –  official participant
  68. Razmyslovich Svetlana (Russia) –  official participant
  69. Elen Koro (Russia) –  official participant
  70. Maxutova Aiya (Kazakhstan) –  official participant
  71. Dana Zheteyeva (Kazakhstan) –  official participant
  72. Ogandzhanian Gagik (Russia) –  official participant
  73. Uvaliyev  Murat (Kazakhstan) –  official participant
  74. Zhanat Akhmetova (Kazakhstan) – spectator
  75. Dinara Tasmambetova (Kazakhstan)*
  76. Nafisa Hasanova (Belgium) – spectator
  77. Banu Toleukhanova (Kazakhstan) – spectator
  78. Makhabat Alishova (Kyrgyzstan) – spectator
  79. Begizhan Akhmedov (Kyrgyzstan) – spectator
  80. Olga Petintseva (Belgium) – spectator
  81. Temirbek Dzholdobaev (Kyrgyzstan) – spectator
  82. Ekaterina Pivnik (Russia) –  official participant
  83. Evgenij Pivnik (Russia) – spectator
  84. Liudmila Culicova (Moldova) – spectator
  85. Elena Lescu (Moldova) – spectator
  86. Alexandra Khvorost (Russia) – spectator
  87. Bektenova Bubuira (Kyrgyzstan) – spectator
  88. Nargisa Karasartova (Kyrgyzstan) – spectator
  89. Dulaeva Olga (Russia) – spectator
  90. Mikhail Ouzikov (Canada) – spectator
  91. Aleh Kunitski (Belarus)  – spectator
  92. Milena Ivanova (Tajikistan) – spectator
  93. Elena Smirnova (Russia) – spectator
  94. Natallia Rusak (Belarus)  – spectator
  95. Oleg Nesterkov (Belarus)  – official participant
  96. Siarhei Malakhouski (Belarus)  – spectator
  97.  Kenzhebek Bakeev (Kyrgyzstan) – spectator
  98. Kamalbek Bokhinov (Kyrgyzstan) – spectator
  99. Hollingsworth Simon (UK) – spectator
  100. Nazira  Momosheva (Kyrgyzstan) – spectator
  101. Laura Berdikhojayeva (Kazakhstan) – spectator
  102. Almagul Yesimova (Kazakhstan)* -exhibition 
  103. Abay Chunchalinov (Kazakhstan) * exhibition
  104. Elena Fursa (Kazakhstan)* – exhibition
  105. Bakytnur Burdesbekov (Kazakhstan)* – exhibition
  106. Asia Bekisheva (Kazakhstan)* – exhibition
  107. Laura Pak (Kyrgyzstan)* – exhibition
  108. Adilgali Bayandin (Kazakhstan)* – exhibition
  109. Smakova Bibigul (Kazakhstan) * – exhibition
  110. Katanina Olesia (Russia) – official participant
  111. Victorya Malyushitskaya (Belarus) – organizer
  112. Yevgeniya Sikhimbayeva (Kazakhstan) – speaker
  113. Josephine (Berkinalieva Sagynbүbү, Kyrgyzstan) – speaker
  114. Kanybek Imanaliev (Kyrgyzstan)*
  115. Alan Flowers (UK) – speaker 
  116. Angelina Krasnogir (Belarus) – organizer
  117. Blohina Ludmila (Russia) * participant
  118. Kendjayeva Zulkhumar (Uzbekistan) * participant
  119. Golubitskaya Dzhamilya  (Russia) * participant
  120. Kaminska Natalia (Ukraine) – official participant
  121. Alina Moseykina (Russia) * participant
  122. Ksenia Kirillova (Russia) * participant
  123. Hrynkevich Nadzeya (Belarus) * participant
  124. Nina Yagolnitser (Israel) * participant
  125. Terkin Valery (Russia) * participant
  126. Irina Egorova (Russia) * participant
  127. Parfenov Iurii (Russia) * participant
  128. Sakalou Aliaksandr (Belarus) – official participant
  129. Volha Sianiuk (Belarus) – spectator
  130. Yulia Olshevskaya (Russia) * participant
  131. Olga Bagriy (Ukraine) * participant
  132. Radova Olga (Moldova) * participant
  133. Ponczek Cordelia (Poland- USA) – spectator

*Through a representative or online

Additional information:

  • The Open Eurasian Book Forum and Literature Festival was previously known as the Open Central Asia Book Forum and Literature Festival 2012-2014, and as the Open Central Asia and Eurasian Book Forum and Literature Festival 2015 
  • Links to previous festivals:  2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2017 / 2018 /


Marat (Mark) Akhmedjanov phone/whatsapp +447411978955,   

 Angelina Krasnogir (phone/whatsapp) +447956723336,


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