Change events location on November 15

On November 15, events of the OEBF-2019 festival are postponed to: Boulevard de Waterloo, 101-103 Brussels, 1000. The full program of the festival can be found here.

Remind you, 15th of November series of unique events will be organized! You are the lucky one having a chance to get acquainted with 11 books within a day, meet writers in person and talk over their works!

Eurasian Literature roadshow presenting new books of the ECG 2019: Vladimir Tulinov ‘The Guardsmen of Hippocrates,’ Kanybek Imanaliev ‘The Kaganate,’ and Alfred Engalychev ‘I day mne Bog.’ Also winners of the Open Eurasian-2018 Contents will perform and present their works: Gulsifat Shahidi (Tajikistan), Oksana Gordiyko (Poland -Ukraine), Arina Chunaeva (Russia), Lyudmila Dubkovetskaya. Also will speak: Alan Flowers (UK), Josephine (Kyrgyzstan), John Farndon (UK), Nurym Taibek (UK).

For all questions, contact Angelina Krasnogir at

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