The third day of OEBF literary festival 2019 in Brussels

The third day of the literary festival included interesting speeches of the winners of the OEBF 2018 contest and the presentation of the ECG 2019 book series (Vladimir Tulinov “Guardsmen of Hippocrates”, Kanybek Imanaliev “Kaganat”, Alfred Yengalychev “I day mne Bog”) by the book project manager – Angelina Krasnogir.

There was also a presentation of the collection “Нить”, in which Aya Maksutova personally presented her poems from the collection at the OEBF festival, where she talked about the importance of publications of these poems in the collection “Нить”.

The audience also learned a lot from the performances of the winners of last year’s OEBF contest – Gulsifat Shahidi, Oksana Gordiyko, Arina Chunaeva and Lyudmila Dubkovetskaya!

Alan Flowers spoke about the poetic treasury from Belarus – the book “Celebration of the Life and Work of Vera Rich”. Translations, magazines, singers and cultural historians – Vera Rich.

Berkinalieva Sagynbүbү (Josephine) talked about the book “Asmanda bileghen kyz”.
About the author: ‘Member of the Writers’ Union of Kyrgyzstan since 2014 Very interested in opera classical works, from time to time I am fond of singing operas. And also performed on stages repeatedly and expressively read verses of Kyrgyz poets.

John Farndon brought to life in English the best poems from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Yakutia, Tatarstan and Russia, and Nurym Taybek spoke about the World Ahmadi Muslim community: (The Rational Religion Initiative to unite humanity in one family to save him from war and self-destruction).

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