The fourth day of the literary festival OEBF in Brussels

The fourth day of the 8th literary festival OEBF ended on November 16!

All day there was a creative exhibition of Eurasian artists in the museum dedicated to the writer L. Ron Hubbard!

The exhibition featured works by: Olesiya Shibaeva (Moldova), Gulzada Hamra (Kyrgyzstan), Emil Guzairov (Russia), Ravil Abdulov (Kazakhstan), Akhmetzhan Akhatbakiyev (Kazakhstan) and a series of works “Peaks of Asia” by artists from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan (Almagul Yesimova , Abay Chunchalinov, Elena Fursa, Bakytnur Burdesbekov, Asiya Bekisheva, Lora Pak, Adilgali Bayandin, Smakova Bibigul).

At the beginning of the day, the Literary Marathon “Voices of Eurasia” took place, at which the finalists of the Open Eurasia 2019 contest and the festival guests shared their creativity and competitive works for 6 hours! Participants of the festival were able to communicate with the finalists, ask them their questions and learn about their creative path! Also, the participants of the festival had an opportunity to evaluate each other’s works.

A separate event was a lunch at which the Guild members and official participants of the festival were able to join the Annual meeting of the Board of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London). The new chairman of the guild – John Farndon (Great Britain) was approved. Also, a new composition of the Advisory Council and the composition of the Council Of Angels of the guild was established.

In the afternoon, a conversation was held with the author Eugenia Sikhimbayeva, who presented her book “Keanu Reeves: Unfinished Portrait. Part 1”! The main character of the book is the actor, director and producer Keanu Reeves. His biography and success story serves as a basis for describing his spiritual path.

Then there were two practical masterclasses by Emil Guzayrov – a writer, architect, designer from Russia, on the topic “Unusual books, beech art and book architecture”, which described how to interest the public with an unusual presentation of the book, and a master class by Elena Bezrukova (Kazakhstan) on the topic: “Training of communications for creative people.” The goal of the master class was to see the resources for presenting to the world their creative abilities.

In the evening, unforgettable meetings with Stephen M. Bland and Nick Rowan took place! The award-winning author and journalist Stephen M. Bland delivered a speech “Dictators, devastation and Dadaism: From the Uzbek desert of forbidden art to the forgotten people of Armenia”.

Nick Rowan is the editor-in-chief of OCA magazine (London), author of the book “Friendly Steppes: A Silk Road Journey”, in which the author talked about his adventures travelling along the Silk Road.

At the end of the day the main event took place – gala dinner and the award of the winners of the Open Eurasia 2019 contest in the nominations: Proza, Malaya Proza, Poetry, Children’s work, Publicistics, Translation, Illustration and Video! The list of winners will be available here.

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